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Yuchai became a bright spot at the 12th China International Agricultural Machinery Fair

Yuchai display area attracts large amount of clients

The 2008 National Agriculture Machinery Products Purchase Fair & 12th China International Agricultural Machinery Fair, co-hosted by the China Agricultural Machinery Association and Zhengzhou municipal government, was held from October 25-27, 2008 in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center. The huge fair area covering 130,000 square meters gathered famous brands of China including the Yuchai Group, Henan Zhongshou, Beijing Foison, Dongfeng Motor, Shifeng Group, Weichai, Quanchai, Laien Power, Wuxi Diesel, etc., and other 1,800 well-known agricultural machine brands from home and international. Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Yuchai Dynamic along with Hubei Yuchai formed a huge group and attracted many agricultural machine manufacturers.

Inside its over 100 square meter display area, Yuchai showed products of YC4D, YC 4F , YC4B, YC6J-30 series and Hubei Yuchai showed YC 165F , YC176, YC 110M series. A continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition  to carefully check items on display; ask Yuchai personnel or watch the video of Yuchai. The Yuchai personnel were very busy. They kept working hard on handing out information, answering questions. A number of exhibitors and agricultural manufacturers stayed there for a long time. They gave business cards, obtained Yuchais contact information and expressed cooperative intentions.

CAMF is a well-known show for agricultural machinery industry. It enjoys a good reputation by its scale and influence at home and abroad. This years event became an information distribution center of China s agricultural machinery production, circulation and application, and a focus of China s agricultural machinery. The excellent showcase of Yuchai would certainly impact  the development and growth of market.

According to the statistics, the exhibitors to the fair increased evidently, and the items on display improved obviously in terms of quality, manufacture technique and scale. The 3 days fair drew more than 50 thousand professional visitors, and a total of over 100 thousand visitors.

AuthorZhang Zhitao

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