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Yuchai industrial park to march towards ten billion Yuan
                                           ------use the existing advantages to grow in size and strength

As a key industrial park of the A level industrial park in the autonomous region, Yuchai industrial parks has made huge achievements in the growth of size and strength by taking the existing advantages: the Yuchai brand. Only more than two years from establishment, 15 supporting projects have been set up in the park, with a total investment of nearly 3.2 billion and a total construction area of 3100 mu. The annual expected output of plants under construction is 5 billion Yuan. In 2010, the output of the park will reach over ten billion.

Yuchai Industrial Park, led and promoted by Yuchai Group, aims to grow the overall machinery industry of Yulin city. The planning area reaches 22.83 square kilometers. It is divided into two functions: machinery and parts, auto parts and engineering machinery, component industry. By 2010, the population will exceed 100 thousand, with 50 thousand workers.

Aiming to build a distinctive industrial park, as well as the international procurement center, base for motor parts and components production and processing, the park has done a good job in planning and positioning.
Innovative investment is its approach. The park uses various methods to attract high-tech, good economic returns, well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. currently invests 960 million Yuan in the 1 st stage of 1800 mu, the Yuchai Casting Center. A number of influential projects, co-funded by Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd., and the United States Haike International, have been started. The investment reaches 200 million Yuan, covering an area of 200 acres.

Author: Liu Qinming          source: Guangxi Daily
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