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Xiamen Yuchai Engine Co., Ltd. opened its 1st enterprise-college cooperative class

the class opening ceremony

As an important piece of the enterprise-college cooperative agreement, the 1st Xiamen Technician College & Yuchai Machinery class opened with its opening ceremony. The Xiamen Yuchai General Manange Yan Yiyong , the Vice CCP Secretary of the Xiamen Technician College , together with other leaders attended the opening ceremony. It indicated that the seed with hope and longing vision of both parties had started to grow in the fertile soil of Fujian province.

In July of this year, by sufficient consultations, both parties reached an agreement to train 100 highly skilled technicians of engines assembling and maintenance to meet the colleges mission to serve the enterprises and society and the business development demand of Yuchai. Following the cooperative education experience in the past, the Xiamen Yuchai further explored a new suitable model for human resources training. The new model is constituted of pre-recruit, pre-selection and early training. The details are that: one year before graduation, Yuchai selects the excellent students that are willing to join Yuchai to a temporary class; then the company sends lecturers to teach the students so that the students can learn Yuchais outstanding corporate culture, quality management concept and quality control methods, management features, as well as diesel engine theories and structures ahead of time in the class. The class was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students. Meanwhile, it shortened the time in corporate training for Yuchai.

AuthorZhou Zusong

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