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Yuchai won the Excellent Enterprise Award

the trophy and certificate

On October 15, at the ceremony of the 30th anniversary of National Quality Management Group, hosted by China Quality Association and other units, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded the special excellence enterprise award from the 30th anniversary of National Quality Management Group. It is the only award received for Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In the meantime, Assistant to General Manager Tan Guirong won the outstanding leader award from the 30th anniversary of National Quality Management Group The QC team of Call Center of the customer service department won the national excellent title for the service achievement for the first time.

The Excellent award is another major honor besides the National Quality Award issued by the China Quality Association. It is  for enterprises  that made remarkable accomplishment in QC group activities in the 30 years. This award is the recognition to the success in the quality control management of Yuchai. Additionally, as a main arrangement of the celebration, the organizer showed the highest level QC achievement of every province (autonomous region, municipalities). The Transcend QC Team of Yuchai cooling processing plant, on behalf of Guangxi, took part in the show and was well received by the judges and guests.

QC team is a quality management activity involved by the employee and is the outcome of the integration of the corporate democratic management experience and modern scientific management. It aims to improve quality, reduce energy consumption and enhance the ability of the employees and cost-effectiveness and use the statistics technical approach to solve problems occurred at work. The enterprises organized the employee to identify, analyst and solve the problems by the QC team activity method in an effort to lay a solid foundation for the quality management and increase the quality management level.    

The Yuchai Machinery Co. , Ltd.  input the QC team activities as an important move of the excellent team management into excellent teams of 9 departments such as the production, technology and quality department. QC team activities have grown out of scratch. It kept an eye-catching sustainable development. It involved huge number of employees to study the quality management knowledge and statistical technologies and enhanced the ability of staff management. It has a solid foundation for creative group working.

Author: Zheng Jinwen, Tan Chuzhuo

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