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hydraulic excavator projects listed in Guangxi Technical Innovation Projects

In the 2008439 document issued by Committee For Economic Affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the YC50/70/255LC hydraulic excavator projects are approved to be three of the regional new machine products in the 3rd batch of 08 Guangxi Technical Innovation Projects.

YC50/70/255LC hydraulic excavator projects are independently developed by the Yuchai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. The products of the project will fill the gap of the hydraulic excavator series of the Yuchai Engineering. It is a great step forward to a new stage for enhancing the ability to reduce the risks in the market and explore the market at home and abroad.

When the project is completed, the Yuchai Engineering will contact the Yulin Committee For Economic Affairs to appraise, check and accept the project. After the acceptance of the appraisal, the product will receive the new product certificates from the Guangxi Committee For Economic Affairs.

AuthorsYaoJian,Chen Jieling

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