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The committee meeting of Labor Union of the Group convened and the chairman of Union elected
The committee meeting of Labor Union of the Group was held at the Cultural Center in the morning of October 8. The meeting was chaired by the Party Deputy Secretary of the Group Zhang Jiasha.The Human Resources Manager Guan Min was invited to attend the meeting. The main issue of the meeting was to elect  the chairman of labor union.

Then the anonymous ballot was held following the announcement of the documents of Party Committee of Yulin and General Labor Union of Yulin that named Rao Yingxian as the chairman candidate. The result of the vote showed that  Rao Yingxian was elected as the chairman.

The newly elected chairman Rao Yingxian made a statement at the meeting then. He said that he was very grateful to the trust of the company, the Party and the whole workers. In the future, he promised that he must work harder to fulfill his duties to unite and lead all the union to serve all workers and to shape a new image of the union. 

Author: Chen Xinghua
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