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Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd. was awarded the patent of "Construction Machinery Label"

the design of the label

Recently, the "Construction Machinery Label" of Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd. passed the examination of State Intellectual Property Office of People's Republic of China, and was granted the appearance design patent.

The pattern of the "Construction Machinery Label" was designed by technicians of Construction Machinery Institute of Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd. Huang Ping and others for Yuchai excavators. It  has 2 labels,  label 1 and label 2, and is used on both sides of Yuchai machines. It includes overlapped patterns with 3 circular lines, and the interior parts are filled with gray, black and white colors respectively. On the whole, its flying wing shapes imply the prosperous future of Yuchai.  

Author: Yao Jian

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