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Yuchai YC-8 series hydraulic excavators passed the CE certifications

In recent days, Yuchai YC15-8, YC35-8, YC45-8, YC55-8, YC85-8 and YC135-8 excavator models passed the following CE certifications: CE certifications of 98/37/EC machinery directive, 2000/14/EC Noise Directive organized by British AVT (the most authoritative body of noise directive of Europe), and CE certification of 2004/108/EC EMC Directive organized by SGS Group (the largest certification body in the world) and received the corresponding CE certificates.

These certificates mean that YC15-8, YC35-8, YC45-8, YC55-8, YC85-8 and YC135-8 excavators are permitted to export to the EU market because the certificates cleared up barriers that obstacle Yuchai to sell excavators in EU. It will  great help  Yuchai to explore excavators market in EU and grow the exportation of Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Yuchai YC-8 series excavators become the latest generation product since the technology upgrading that is centered on the "appearance upgrade" in Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd. Yuchai made huge progress in the appearance by introducing more fashionable design elements and largely applying new biodegradable environment friendly material DCPD. The YC-8 series represents the leading edge technology and most advanced manufacture technique of Yuchai Engineering Co., Ltd. It emphasizes more on the safety, environment protection, appearance design and reliability.

Author: Chen Jieling

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