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Qin Xiaohong was awarded the Guangxi May 1 Labor Medal

One good news was from the Guangxi Finance Department and Guangxi General Labor Union. It is that the chief accountant Qin Xiaohong of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. won the Guangxi May 1 Labor Medal. It is the highest honor that the Yuchai's accounting system has ever received. In the meantime, Qin Xiaohong won the advanced accountant title at the Public Appraisal for the Guangxi Advanced Accountants.

Since joined Yuchai, she has been working at the financial front line. In her record of working history, she had been the chief accountant in every unit of the company. While devoting herself to her job, she follows the Party's principles and policies, complies with national accounting laws and regulations, adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity and loves the accounting job. With advanced concepts and discreet leadership, she leads the entire accountant team to continue to standardize and internationalize the financial work, and brings the work to meet  the Chinese accounting standards and the United States ' accounting standards. Both in strengthening the financial accounting management of the Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, and the system building she has made prominent achievements and breakthroughs, bringing great benefits to the sound development of Yuchai.

Author: Chen Xinghua

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