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Key for the growth of Yulin lies in the move "to grow Yulin by strengthening Yuchai"

At noon yesterday, I reviewed the whole development of Yulin. It has 5 major industry clusters. They are ceramics, electronics, clothing and so on. The five major industry clusters are the driving force for the development of Yulin. General speaking, the industry clusters also need the professional division and cooperation. In our experience, in some places, when some enterprises of the same sectors gather together, the industry will get stronger than they are separated. Yulin is exceptional advanced in this concept. It has shaped small- & medium- size enterprises together to uphold the GDP through its own 5 clusters. In the future, Yulin tries to receive the transferred industries from the East and build whole industry structure for the development of Yulin. It will make Yulin develop more quickly through connection with the Beibu Bay industry clusters. Its a really good consideration.

Retuning to the industry perspective of Yulin, the most significant strategy of Yulin is the strategy "to grow Yulin by strengthening Yuchai". It's a huge advantage for Yulin. How to use the enterprises wisely? Yulin has a famous brand, i.e. Yuchai. When mentions Yulin, people know Yuchai, and vice versa. It is necessary to fully use the brand of Yuchai to allow people across the world to know the products of Yulin by Yuchai.

Yuchai accounts for 46.6% of the Yulins GDP. But only 1/3 of its procurement is purchased from the local suppliers. The output value of Yuchai is 10 billion and purchase  is 16 billion. Its parts consumption is up to 10 billion. If 2/3 of it is from locally, the local small and medium size enterprises will earn at least more than 3 billion. It would be a huge market and opportunity for them.

Yulin is to engage in development zone aiming to bring the industry cluster together.The government shall play the critical role in building a net to attract more companies. In addition, the collaboration among enterprises like Yuchai in building the 5 industry clusters will have bright future.

Author: Professor Huang Taiyan from Renmin University                     Source: Yulin Evening News

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