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5 representative nominees elected for the Third Congress of Yulin Labor Union
The Third Congress of Yulin Labor Union will be held in the downtown of Yulin in Nov. 2008. It will be a major event for the workers of Yulin to participate in the political issues. The General Labor Union of Yulin has asked Yuchai Group to send five representatives. The Group elected 5 nominees by way of bottom-up election under the principle of democracy.
Firstly, the branch labor unions recommended 22 candidates. They meet the following requirements: "make remarkable achievements in production and business operation", "care for and love the work of Labor Union", "have open view of the overall situation, and have the ability to participate in political issues", as well as must be "Labor Union members". Secondly, the executive team had a meeting to select 5 candidates for the Third Congress of Yulin Labor Union. Finally, the selected candidates were submitted to the whole Labor Union Committee members. the committee then unanimously adapted the proposal. The 5 nominees include the front-line workers, branch Labor Union personnel, women workers and outstanding persons. According to the procedures, the Labor Union of Yuchai Group will report the elected nominees to the General Labor Union of Yulin. They  will finalize the representatives through election.
The 5 representatives, on behalf of the 20 thousand Yuchai Labor Union members, are going to fulfill their responsibilities for the laborers? interests and exercise the rights to vote and make decisions in the Third Congress of Yulin Labor Union.
Author: Chen Xinghua
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