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Show the new style of Yuchai's technician; strive to achieve the best in the job

report from the Internal-combustion Engine Installation and Testing Technician Convention

The technician convention scene

On Oct. 24, the Yuchai Technician Association held internal-combustion engine installation and testing technician convention to create a good-quality, disciplined, high-skill technician team. The idea is to follow the requirement to build a creative labor force. The president of the Labor Union of the Group Rao Yingxian, the factory deputy directors in charge of the technology quality of the 2nd engine plant, 3rd engine plant Li Zhuzhao, Cai Dawei, and the Yuchai Technician Association consultants along with most member of the association committee, attended the convention and made speech.

Currently the association has a strong foundation with  367 members. The internal-combustion engine technician team, also known as the backbone of the company, has played a critical role in the annual output growth from several thousand set to 500 thousand, the upgrading of the State II, State III, and State IV engines, and the R&D of engines from the smallest 4W to the temporary largest 6C . The technician team of the internal-combustion engine installation and testing bearing the whole company, working hard  on their job,  has created huge contributions to the development of the company. They also played an key role in training new technicians, providing a high-skill, strong Iron Army for the company.

The main theme of the convention was to show the new style of Iron Army and strive to achieve the best in the job. The president of Yuchai Technician Association and deputy director of the Yuchai equipment plant Chen Jinyuan made the initial speech. He had 5-point requirements to the whole internal-combustion engine installation and testing technicians and senior technicians: 1. to further improve the internal-combustion engine work structure. Make more contact with leaders of the plant and carry out all activities in order; pay attention on the production and technological quality of the diesel engine for the transition from State II to State III. Word hard to be the best employee. 2. To further fulfill the demand of to build a creative labor force, and push the members to do a good job in training new technicians to increase the base of the technician team. 3. based on the reality of the plant, to accelerate the pace of technological progress and enhance the staffs quality by way of technical innovation, technology research use of new technology, technology exchanges, technology promotion, job training, skills contest and other activities; to assist the plant to introduce, absorb and recreate new technologies; to make proposal for the technology, quality, and production. 4. Apply the platform of technology exchange; promote the technicians technical experience, skills, in order to let their sophisticated skills be passed to the new staff, especially the skills and experience in diesel engine installation and testing, adjustment and maintenance. Those skills should be written down or taught by oral teaching. 5. to quickly learn the CRDI (Common-rail Direct Injection), EGR (Exhausted Gas Recycle), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), and other electronic control knowledge and skills, as well as modern high-tech diesel engine installation and testing technologies  to enhance the skills under the new conditions.

Currently, the Yuchai Technician Association consists of 3 major parts;  the casting; maintenance; molding and welding; the internal-combustion engine installation and testing. This convention was the 3rd convention following the casting convention, maintenance, and molding and welding conventions. Both were held in September. The technician representatives, on behalf of the whole technicians, promised that they would show the new style of Iron Army and work hard to achieve the best on the job.

Additionally, the Association scheduled more works for this year, such as academic thesis collecting, technology exchange, innovation activities, etc.

Rao Yingxian also made a speech at the convention. He proposed 4-point requirements for the internal-combustion engine installation and testing technicians: 1. to do a good job in passing on their experience and skills to new technicians; 2. to enforce the technology exchange platform; 3. to faithfully implement the demand of to build a creative labor force;  to grow the creative labor force; 4. to strengthen the innovation activities. He stressed that innovation is the key of Yuchai; the association need to deepen the technological innovation; make more efforts and proposals; to fully employ the teams and individuals function for the growth and development of Yuchai.

Authors: Cao Yi , Huang Ling

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