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Yuchai Group held 2008 skill competition experience-sharing meeting

The  experience-sharing meeting

The 2008 skill competition successfully concluded on Oct. 18 in Yuchai Group. On Nov. 6, 28 competitors  from the Craft Equipment Plant, Yuchai Parts Manufacture, Yuchai Engineering Company, IT department, Foundry Plant, Cold Processing Plant, 1st Engine Plant, 2nd Engine Plant, 3rd Engine Plant, Quality Control department, as well as Manufacturing Technology department, got together to discuss the experience of the competition  to share the skills and experience. The meeting was presided by Rao Yingxian.

Rao Yingxian said: Yuchai has started organizing personnel to take part in the Guangxi skill competition and national skill competition from 2003.Recently, 4 Yuchai employees, on behalf o Guangxi, reached the final of the 4th Zhenxing Cup national youth skill competition. They helped Guangxi team to obtain the 6th place. It was an outstanding achievement. Rao thanked their hard work and hoped the contestants of the Groups competition, Guangxi Competition or national competition would share their experience fully. The Labor Union and Training Center would summarize their experience and use it in the whole company.   

The employee of various types of jobs discussed their experience in competition and the test techniques. They pointed out the shortages of the theoretical texts, testing method, as well as testing cultivating and made proposals to the training system.

Rao  required:: 1. the training system should incorporate the new technology to enhance the on job training, in particular, the software technology and digital control technologic training; 2. every staff should learn and exchange  each other and take part in every skills competitions, as well as strengthen theoretical study and have a good summary.

Director of the training center Wan Shenglan added: the staff should improve themselves in the theory, technology, and mentally through all level competitions. In the future, the training center should collect all information, improve the materials and make improvement in the training, improve the overall ability of the employee of the Group.

All attendants thanked the support of their supervisors and managers of the plant, company, and promised to strengthen the theoretical learning and basic practice ability training, in order to enhance their ability and make more contributions to the company.  

Author: Yang Li

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