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To promote the spirit of Olympic Games,the whole company participate passionately in exercise

------the Group held the 2008 female employees middle-distance race


a snap of the competition

the group photo of athletes   

In the morning of Nov 16, huge amount of people crowded the playground of Yuchai Middle School to participate and watch  the 2008 female employees middle-distance race of Yuchai Group

The event, organized by the Female Worker Committee of the Labor Union , with the active help of the sub-Female Worker Committees, attracted more than 1,000 female employees. The competition consisted of 4 races. They are Youth 800 m Race, Youth 400 m Race, Mid-aged 800 m Race and Mid-aged 400 m Race.

At around 740, most athletes were on the  field and were doing warm-up exercises. The photographers of every unit were  enthusiastically to catch  some of the brilliant event period. At 8 oclock with the "bang" sound of the starting gun, the 1st 8 athletes of Mid-age 800 Race shout out. Among them, there was a lady from the Senior Citizen Office with grey hair and long-sleeve sports trousers. Shortly after the beginning, she lagged behind, but she kept running. Upon reaching the finishing line, all the working crew of the event and athletes gave her warm applauses. The photographers took pictures of all running athletes. They try to  not miss any exiting scene.  

During the races, being effected by the exciting competition, some of the cheering squad members even accompanied the athletes to complete the whole race outside the line. Some people even picked up the un-show athletes numbers and came to the field to experience the feel of running.  

Although the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has already ended, the all people participation exercise is a long term campaign. The female workers middle-distance race, represents the continuing of the Olympic spirit.  It enriches the cultural life of the staff of Yuchai Group.

Contributors: Yang Li/article, Zou Hui, Huangbojiang/photos

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