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Yuchai Huayuan Machinery (Yulin) Co., Ltd. is going to try this month

Total investment of 200 million; leading filter manufacturer in China

The largest project of Yuzhou District signed with Yuchai at the 4th Yulin Expo --- the construction of Machinery (Yulin) Co., Ltd., was entering the assembly line installation stage and is expected to put into trial production later this month. 

After more than one years construction, the decoration of the office and tree planting around the workshop are completed recently. Workers are busy at the installation of the assembly lines and power system construction. The large plant that covers tens of thousands of square meters has become a landscape in the Botang industrial park.  

Yuchai Huayuan Machinery (Yulin) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture co-founded by Yuchai, Huangsheng Machinery (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. and Pingyuan Filter Co., Ltd. It will be a leading manufacturer in China . It mainly produces cleaner, air filter, air filter assembly shell, and other mechanical parts. It covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters with a total investment of 200 million Yuan. After the plant is put into production, it will be able to make more than 6.80 million sets of products that worth 200 million Yuan.    

Author: Li Baoning, Huang Yuxiang, Tan Haidong   source: Yulin Evening News

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