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Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd passed the inspection of conditions on the production relocation

On November 13, the expert team of Vehicle Office of Guangxi inspected  the conditions of production relocation of auto manufacturer and the Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd successfully passed the test.

After carefully listening to the introduction on relocation of Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd, the expert team reviewed and assessed on site about the quality manual, procedures documents, technology information, quality management system documents, as well as production equipment, testing equipment.

In accordance with the on-site inspection standard of special purpose vehicle manufacturer, the whole team unanimously announced that: the management system documents, technology documents, testing documents and records are complete; the company has sufficient staff and capacity, and full set of workshops, production equipments, as well as testing equipments and the construction of the project is completed. Since the start of the project, its product quality is improved steadily, and received more recognition from the market. Its production conditions meet the terms and standard of  the1242nd Document (2001) and its appendix 1 issued by State Economic and Trade Commission. Therefore, the new site qualifies to start production and pass the examination of the relocation production conditions. The registered address and production address is: No. 5, Zongbu Road, Nanning High-tech Zone

Author: Li Youxu

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