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Delegation of the Guangxi Sino-German cooperation visited the Yuchai Logistics
In the morning of Aug. 7, the 2nd special delegation of the Guangxi Practicing and Learning Project of Sino-German Cooperation, accompanied by assistant to the general manager Li Rong, came to the Yuchai Logistics Group for a half-day inspection visit. The group included people from the municipal government, municipal Beihai Bay office leaders and Guangxi Practicing and Learning Project Office of the Sino-German cooperation.
The Yuchai Logistics Group Co., Ltd is the 2 nd in the 2008 China Top 100 enterprises of road transport. Li Rong, on behalf of the Yuchai Logistics, briefed to the guests about the company's development, corporate planning, logistics business, information system operation and so on.
The delegation unanimously praised the business model of the company in the logistics, mechanical and electrical products,  automobile repair, motorcade services and other industrial chains and the brand influence of Yuchai Logistics  and highly appreciated the logistics information system.
The Guangxi Practicing and Learning Project of Sino-German Cooperation was approved and brought into the Sino-Germany technology cooperation agreement as one of governmental cooperative projects by the Central Organization Ministry.  The 3-year20072009project utilizes the practicing and learning method and chooses a major issue concerning the economy and social development of Guangxi for participators to study by both training and practicing. The participators can draw up the final solutions to the issues. The visit to Yuchai, centered on the development of the logistics industry in Guangxi under the regional economic cooperation strategy, was one of the study programs.  Yuchai Logistics was a key enterprise for the study.
Author: Jin Zhongqiu
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