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The 1st Yuchai - Bosch Summit was held in Lijiang
On Nov. 7, chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuchai Yan Ping, vice chairman Li Tiansheng, president of the Engineering Research Institute Zhuo Bin, together with 13 other leaders of Yuchai met with 14 leaders of Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd. that included the General Manager Maier Rudolf, in Yunnan Lijiang for the 2-days 1 st Yuchai - Bosch Summit.
This was the 1 st summit to strengthen communication and cooperation following the strategic cooperation agreement signed in 2007. The summit was divided to two sections: the market forum meeting and team interaction.
Yan Ping (right) and Maier Rudolf signs the Summit Memorandum
On Nov. 7, the summit started with the signature of Summit Memorandum between the chairman of the Board Yan Ping and Bosch General Manager Maier Rudolf. The leaders from two parties briefed development history, corporate culture, as well as future marketing development planning. Both sides expressed to further solidify a firm strategic cooperative partnership through the high level exchanges on corporate cultural integration.
Bosch Group is a world's leading technology and service providers. It has a total of 227 production bases in the world. In 2007, its sales volume reached a historic level of 46.3 Billion Euros. For more than 80 years, Bosch has been a full range engine provider providing the world with the most advanced diesel systems that ranges from small single-cylinder to large marine engines. Leaders of Yuchai expressed their appreciations to the superior systematic process and management system of Bosch while the Bosch counterparts praised the swift response marketing model of Yuchai. Both parties had in-depth discussion on the current market and how to fend off the financial tsunami impacts.
Finally, on Nov. 8, both parties took part in the team interaction activity held in the Tiger Leaping Gorge to increase the understanding of both companies, to enhance the cooperative partnership, and to strengthen the team-spirit. Under the leadership of chairman Yan Ping, the Yuchai team inspirited by Yuchai Iron Army spirit, reached the end as the first after 1 days travel over hill and mountains.
As reported, the Yuchai - Bosch Summit will be an annual event that will put a good foundation for the future cooperation between both parties.
AuthorWu Tongyao
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