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Internal-combustion Engine makers compete in the China International Internal Combustion Engine Show
A few days ago, the 8th China International Internal-combustion Engine and Auto Parts show concluded at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The show coincided with the 100 anniversary of the engine industry of China. All domestic engine manufactures put their latest and best products to show the achievements of the centenary development of Chinese internal-combustion engine industry. As a result the show became a competition as all players, regardless of their market background, competed at the exhibition center with their products.
After carefully checking all items on display, the reporter found out that all the products met the State III emission standards, some of which even reach the State V standards. In Addition, the reporter found that the items were mainly diesel engines, covering a wide range from small and medium-size emission, clean, high efficient and environment friendly diesel engines for passenger vehicles, to high emission, strong power and large torque diesel engines for heavy-duty truck and large-size coach. The products on show reflected the rapid development of domestic diesel engine manufacturers. The following paragraphs are a  description of  the products.......
Yuchai Machinery: take the lead in R&D
Yuchai sent a rich variety of engines in large scale that  involve from the coach used YC4F to the YC6M for heavy-duty truck, as well as engines for construction and natural gas engines. As the largest independent engine manufacturer in China, Yuchai is much advancer than competitors in developing new products. With the sound performance Yuchai received orders from a great number of auto makers. The advantage in R&D makes Yuchai  the top positions in the markets. Other producers cannot compete with Yuchai. For example, the State IV YC6L engine that is used in the public transport system in Beijing, is listed as the top of the market and will be put into large scale production.
Author: Wang Jun                        Source: Bus Weekly (excerpt) 
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