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Yan Ping:one the top 60 candidates for "economic figures of 30-year's reform and opening up"

A recent news from the organizing committee of the "30-year's anniversary of China's reform and opening up forum & the evaluation event" was that the Chairman of Board of Directors of Yuchai Machinery Group Yan Ping was selected as one of the 60 candidates for the economic figures of 30-year's reform and opening up of China. He is the only entrepreneur from internal combustion engine industry the only one from Guangxi to be named.

After consulted with government offices, and received recommendation from experts, the organizer completed the first selection by mid-September. The committee selected 60 persons of extraordinary contributions to the 30-year's reform and opening up from the 120 economic candidates, through anonymous voting by October.

Yan Ping has been deeply committed to the reform, management innovation and reconstruction of technology and proprietorship. His efforts has made that the Yuchai Machinery Group achieve a double-digital growth for consecutive years. It is a distinctive thriving enterprise in the Chinese auto market and the engine industry. It is known as Yuchai Miracle in the Chinese business communities. So, there's no doubt in Yan Ping's candidacy of the top 60 candidates for his role in creating the Yuchai Miracle.

The event is hosted by the Chinese Society of Economic Reform, undertaken by the China Reform Magazine, and co-sponsored by over 80 major media including the CCTV-2, Phoenix Satellite TV, People's Daily and Southern Weekend, Sina Net. The purposes of the event are: celebrating 30 anniversary of China reform and opening up; promoting outstanding persons, advanced groups and innovations emerging from all fields in the involvement in the practice of reform and opening up; recognizing their commitment to reform, creation and enterprising spirit of the times; showing their enthusiasm and creativity in pursuing harmonious society and happiness; and demonstrating their social responsibility and the confidence in building a better future.

AuthorNing Jing

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