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General Director of Guangxi Land and Resources Department Xiao Jiangang visited Yulin

On Nov. 18, the secretary of Party Group, general director of Guangxi Land and Resources Department and general director of Guangxi Oceanic Bureau Xiao Jiangang led a team to Yulin to conduct research and investigation on the land use of the industrial park in Yulin, the industrial development and land conservation, as well as other significant issues complained by the public. The standing committee member of Yulin municipal Party and executive deputy mayor Dai Yi accompanied the team in the investigation.  

The team visited the city sports center, business tower, Yuchai industrial park and other venues. They listened to the reports from related persons in charge on the new town planning and Yuchai industrial park land planning. In the Mingshan Land and Resources Office, Xiao Jiangang reviewed relevant information, learned the construction of the office, and required the office to strictly protect the agriculture land, conserve lands, maintain the society stability and safeguard the interest of people.  

Speaking at the symposium, Xiao Jiangang acknowledged the achievement of the land and resource management of the city, and carefully asked the development, future planning and land issues to be addressed for Yuchai Group. Xiao said that, the Guangxi Autonomous Region Land and Resources Department would fullly support the Yuchai Group to grow because Yuchai Group represents the leading force of the development of Guangxi industry. He added that, three links is needed for enterprises to grow. They are: 1. link with the corporate planning; 2. link with the supporting facilities of the industrial park; 3. link with the urban development planning of the city. He pointed out that related governmental agencies have to actively improve the surrounding environment of the enterprises and the enterprises are responsible to take an active role in urban development planning, jointly to bring forwards the reconstruction of the city.  

In the research and investigation, Xiao pointed out that, the enterprises should work actively with governmental agencies during development. They needed to increase the growth but still better conserve the resource and land, providing safeguard for local economic development.

Author: Chen Minglan    Source: Yulin Daily

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