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Yuchai won the "Centenary Achievement Award"

The year of 2008 marks the centenary anniversary of China 's internal combustion industry. Yuchai at the same time won the "Centenary Achievement Award" in the China internal combustion engine industry for its widely recognized accomplishments achieved.  

In Oct., a series of celebrations in commemoration to the centenary anniversary of China 's internal combustion industry were held by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation, as well as Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines in Beijing . Yu Zhen, president of China Machinery Industry Federation told: after 100 years's development, particularly in the past 30 years' reform and opening up, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry, starting from scratch, has grown from weak to strong, from small to large, from dependent to self-reliant, and marched on a self support independent development track, becoming a world power in Internal Combustion Engine manufacturing. From now on, the Chinese internal combustion engine industry shall paces up the step to optimize the restructuring of the industry, vigorously promotes the integration of information technology and industrialization, forges international competitive well known brands, and strides towards a strong manufacture power.  

During the events, for its benchmark status in the internal combustion engine industry, and outstanding contributions to the progress of the industry, Yuchai, along with Weichai, FAW Jiefang, Wuxi Diesel Engine, was rewarded the "Centenary achievement award" from the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.  

Author: Zhu Xiaojie

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