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10 top young singers were selected; Yuchai Youth Cultural and Arts Festival ended

Chorus singing

In the evening of Dec. 5, 2008 Yuchai Top 10 Young Singers Final & 2008 Yuchai Youth Cultural and Arts Festival Closing Ceremony was spectacularly held in Yuchai Culture center. After the previous 2 tough prelims, 15 candidates came to the brilliant showdown stage.  

The final, consisting of 3 sections that are singing in a string, individual singing and chorus singing, started with rock music and a vibrant hip hop that stirred an enthusiastic wave among the audiences. Next, the 15 singers sang a song each one of varied types in a string to allow spectators feel the charm of each one. In the individual and chorus singing sections, all singers tried their best to show their best songs. Under the flashing neon lights and overflowing colors, one after another, the singers sang the affectionate, jocund or thrilling songs and received loudly applause. 

The competition also was interacted with spectators activities such as on-site ballot and on-site prize winning drawing to put the spectators into the atmosphere.  

After fierce contests, Ning Jing, from Youth League Branch of Human Resources Department, and Zhang Yi, from Yuchai Sales Franchise Company, won the first prize. Other players earned second or third prizes. Among them,  Yang Fangxia of the foundry plant won the most popular singer award with a landslide votes. The successful closing of the singing competition also marked the end of 2008 Yuchai Youth Cultural and Arts Festival.  

Author: Zhu Xiaojie

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