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Yuchai was honored "the Chinese Brand of the Year 2008"

Brand is the symbol of the economy of a nation or a region. On December 18, the "Chinese Academy Brand Award", i.e. "World Brand Lab 2008 (the fifth) Chinese Brand of the Year" of world entrepreneurs was held in Hong Kong . Yuchai won the "the Chinese Brand of 2008" (diesel engine industry).

The award highlighted the events of the year, and stressed on the symbolic brand and economic benefits within the one year. The selection criteria included "market share", "brand awareness","brand innovation capability" and "satisfaction with the brand" and "brand loyalty". Established in July 1988, the brand of Yuchai, under the efforts of the staff of Yuchai, has become the leading brand in China's national engine industry, as well as the "benchmark" for national manufacturing. It has received a series of titles like "Chinese Famous Brand", "Top Brand of Chinese Engine Industry", and "Top 500 Brands of China". Its brand value reaches 6.358 billion Yuan.

In the meantime, for the first time in the world, the convention released the World Company Charter and its program of action, calling for the corporate social responsibility. It drafted 8 fundamental principles and 10 programs for action for social responsibility.  

Author: Mei Changfu

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