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Top technicians, outstanding technicians and highly skilled technicians were rewarded in Yuchai

On November 25, the prize awarding ceremony for the 1st batch of top technicians & winners of the 2008 skills competitions was held in Yuchai Group to recognize the top technicians, outstanding technicians and highly skilled technicians.   

Guided by the core value of "Green development and win-win in harmony", the ceremony showed respect to the knowledge and talented people, as well as the innovation. With the commitment to building a highly skilled team of senior technicians with high moral and excellent quality, trade union of Guangxi Yuchai Group and Yuchai Technicians Association co-organized the 2008 skills competitions and top technicians appraisal. Through strict and fair appraisal, 29 winners were selected finally. Among them, 10 were awarded top technicians, 11 outstanding technicians, and 18 highly skilled technicians. Each of the 10 top technicians was given a computer while others were given bonuses ranging from 3,000Yuan ~16,000 Yuan.  

Speaking at the ceremony, chairman of Board of Yuchai Yan Ping compared the technicians as "the treasures of Yuchai", and fully acknowledged their huge contributions to the prospect of Yuchai.  

President of the Trade Union of the Group Rao Yingxian, who hosted the event, summarized the result of 2008 skills competitions. A total of 525 persons signed up to the games this year, a record highly since 2008. After the competition, the top 3 players of the contests for each event like welding, computer operation and other types of work were sent to the regional and national vocational competition. All of them had remarkable results. They received both the top total group scores and top total individual scores in the Guangxi locksmith contest.  

Authors: Huang Wenjuan, Zhou Yangfan      Source: Guangxi Laborer News

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