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New site for Yuchai TV station was put into use

On December 22, the new site for Yuchai TV station successfully pasted the examination by the Department of Manufacturing Technology and other related departments and has been put into use.  

The original site for Yuchai TV station was located on the seventh floor of Tower of Department of Manufacturing Technology. After years using, its structural problems and irrational power circuit arrangement as well as aging problems began to emerge, along with problems in fire control. Besides, its space and structure layout did not meet the standard of the function or the need of the normal work of the TV station.  

The new site, located on the second floor of the Yuchai Cultural Center , was more rational in the space layout. It added the sound recording room, make-up room, broadcasting non-linear editing area, broadcasting room and other professional functions. Its new sound recording room and studio meet the national acoustic standards of the level of city TV stations.  

The renovation project initiated by the Department of Manufacturing Technology was done by professionals from TV station renovation providers. Under the tight schedule, the construction workers, with the help and assistance of other related departments, overcame a series of difficulties and completed in time after one and half months effort.  

After the opening of the new site, the original site of the TV station that had accompanied Yuchai people for over 13 years became history. The new TV station would turn a new chapter in continuing its mission.  

Author: Gan Haihua

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