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Advanced concept speeds up the development of Yuchai

Since the reform and opening up, China has achieved spectacular results in the economy and gained the huge development. Taking the advantage of the reform and opening up, Yuchai has achieved splendid accomplishment.  

Since 2001, for the past consecutive 7 years, Yuchai firmly held the top position in the industry of China and the number one of single plant manufacture in the world on the sales and production. In 2005, Yuchai set a mid-term goal to recreate a new Yuchai in 3 years. In 2006, its sales income reached 14.1 billion Yuan, with an output of 360 thousand diesel engines. In 2007, its sales income reached 18.35 billion Yuan, with an output of 500 thousand diesel engines. From Jan. to Oct. 2008, its sales income reached 18.35 billion Yuan, with an output of 495 thousand diesel engines. The goal can be reached soon.

Yuchai has the mission to meet the public demand for power with excellence and the leadship. It enjoyed a good reputation and fine credit by staying on high quality products and honest and on time service to customers. For many a time, Yuchai has received a variety of honors and titles, such as the top 10 credit enterprise in China , the 10 most influential enterprise in China , the well-known brand and so on. Particularly, it won the National Quality Prize and Inspection-free Enterprise for Export.  It is the first winner of these two honors for Guangxi and the entire industry in China . The trademark Yuchai is rated famous trademark in China and the first power brand in China . The product of Yuchai is ranked the famous product in China .

Today, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection. Yuchai does not only pay attention to the self-development, but also greatly concern the national and public interests. It stays on the green development and fulfills the social responsibility. In 2006, Yuchai intrduced the Green development and win-win in harmony core concept  and put it as the ideological base for the corporate culture, the guideline for making progress, as well as business strategy. Its the big jump of the practice and development concept of Yuchai.  

Yuchai has always held the green power as its obligation and  regarded itself as the leader of Chinese green power generators,  the controller on the biggest pollution source. It achieved the transformation from the industrial manufacture to green manufacture. The leading technology of Yuchai enables it to launch the State I, State II, State III, State IV and State V engines ahead of competitors of the industry.

During the 2008 Olympic Games, as the world focused on the games, the Olympic vehicle fleets equipped with Yuchai State IV engines was also running with the games. The Yuchai State IV engine was the only home-made green power provider in Beijing s public transit system.  

In order to pace up with the leading edge technology, Yuchai adapted its corporate strategies as: to comprehensively carry out the introduction and application of the high-tech technology and have joint ventures with enterprises at home and abroad; concentrate on the core business industrial chain exploration;  focus on the diesel engine, construction machine, special purpose vehicle, auto parts, auto chemicals and logistics; integrate leading edging technologies; build Yuchai into a large corporation; enhance the competitiveness in the global market; and make Yuchai an international corporation.

Authors: Jiang Dongzhou, Liu Han, Mei Changfu    Source:  Science and Technology Daily

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