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Yuchai State III engine maintenance skills competition successfully concluded

Athletes were competing (in red) in the final

In the afternoon of December 18, Yuchai State III engine maintenance skills competition came to a close in Yuchai headquarters. After two days intense contests on academic knowledge and skills, 8 players won the final by their rich academic theory knowledge, skillful operation experience, accurate judgments and fast troubleshooting skills.  Among them, Li Jun of the Shanghai Jinxiang service station won the first-class prize, Guangdong Zhongshan Sanjun service station Chen Wumin and Shenzhen Yonglihan service station Li Songwen received the second-class prize, and 5 other players from service stations of Guangdong , Nanning , Anhui and Hunan Changsha were awarded the third-class prize. This successful event marked a great development of the Yuchai State III service capacity.

The final competition consisted 2 parts, i.e. the academic contest and practical operation contest. The judges were made up of experts from Service Center, Electronic Control Department of Engineering Research Institute, Application Development of the Yuchai Sales Company. 12 players reached the final after the preliminaries of 17 and 18.

For a long time, Yuchai has enjoyed the trust and support of the broad users for its leading edge technologies and excellent service and kept the strong competitiveness in the industry. Due to the implementation of State III standard, more and more vehicles equipped with Yuchai State III engines are put into operation, which means Yuchai has to upgrade its service. Yuchai has paid great attention to the service capacity. Since the second half of 2007, Yuchai has started the construction of nationwide service network of State III that was ahead of competitors. After more than 1 year, the high quality service network is taking shape. The chief judge, vice director of capability and electrical control department of Engineering Research Institute Doctor An Liqiang said emotionally: general speaking, players have deep basic skills. Our test includes all aspects of academic knowledge and practice. The practice included basic electric control and comprehensive engine maintenance skills. We found that someone even was able to resolve all defaults. It was a surprise to  us.  He added: we will make communication with technicians to help them gain the systematic knowledge of State III engines maintenance and others, allowing them to be the master of the State III engines. I believe it will only take a short time.

In order to review the Yuchai State III service capabilities and enhance the exchange among service stations across the country, from the beginning of October this year, Yuchai service center organized an unprecedented State III second phase skills upgrading training and held 31 regional competitions around the country. A total of over 800 people took part in the activity, among them 240 earned the regional awards. The 55 players of the game in the headquarters came from the regional competitions. All service stations paid great attention to the competition. The players also took the chance seriously.

It was the largest skill competition in Yuchais history. It generated favorable results and great impact to the industry. Chief quality engineer Tan Guirong said: it attracted the attention of the nationwide carmakers. The event tested the skills the players have on State III service and offered a communication platform for servicer personnel and further increased the nationwide State III service capability. In the meantime, it will promote the State III engine maintenance skill learning activities  and increase the growth of technicians.  

Author: Huang Zhirong

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