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Face the crisis; more innovations

Yuchai Machinery Suppliers Conference opened in Yuchai

The scene of the Suppliers Conference    

The Conference was opened in Hangzhou on December 21 with the themed of Face  the crisis; make innovative breakthroughs. The event was attended by Yan Ping, Li Tiansheng, Liang Heping, Yan Jie, Zuo Bin, Shen Jie, Zhong Yuwei, Chen Ningbin,Tan Guirong and other high level managers of Yuchai, as well as the president and the vice-president of the Federation of Yuchai Suppliers Fan Jiang and Liu Debao, and 450 representatives from 288 suppliers across the country.  

The conference was hosted by Deputy Manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Yan Jie. Fan Jiang, president of the Federation of Yuchai Suppliers gave the annual report of the Federation. Tan Guirong, assistant to the general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, explained the service policies and measures on quality and technical services package. Standing Deputy General Manager Liang Heping introduced to the technology of Yuchai and general information of products.  

General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd Li Tiansheng summarized the production and operation of Yuchai and presented the business goal of output of 330-350 thousand engines and detailed the operation approach, centering on the sense of crisis, developing internal strength and market competition. Li Tiansheng pointed out that the next step of Yuchai is, in accordance with the proposals and issues raised by representatives, to make reform, rectification and planning, as well as to develop and implement construction plan for the upcoming 3-5 years; build a professional supply system by sound and efficient operation and new partnership with suppliers----- value added professional alliance.  

Yan Ping was speaking at the conference

Analyzing the current situation, chairman of the Board of Yuchai Group Yan Ping said: the crunch of the global economy posted both challenges and opportunities. According to the current economic statues and development of the industry, in combination with the market forecasts, he introduced the strategic adjustment under new circumstances, countermeasure of the crises and innovation move, as well as the general approach and measure of creating a new partnership YC strategic alliance. He hoped suppliers would exchanges ideas with Yuchai, offer advice, suggestions, and make more communication with the management team for mutual development!

Outstanding suppliers of the year 2008 were also awarded in the conference.

Outstanding supplier and leaders of the Yuchai  

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