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Yan Ping received the title of "2008 Chinese Business Innovation Person"

From December 20 -22, the 2008 Annual Conference of Chinese Enterprise Innovation Forum" was held in Beijing . Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group that has contributed hugely to the mechanical industry attended the conference. Chairman of the Board of Yuchai Yan Ping was rewarded the 2008 China Business Innovation Person title for his innovative accomplishment.  

The annual forum, started in 2001 was co-hosted by the Chinese Society for Productivity Science, China Marketing Association, Chinese Enterprises Newspaper, the China Institute for Development and Reform of Central University of Finance and Economics and CCTV-2 under the strong support of China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association. It has produced positive effects on the independent innovation system construction in terms of theoretical innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and systematic innovation. It received the wide public attention and good reputation. 

During the conference, a series of award ceremonies also were held. They were: 2008 China Business Innovation Person, "Ten Outstanding Persons in China's Enterprise Reform, "2008 China's Most Innovative Enterprise" and "2008 Outstanding Persons in China Business Innovation". Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) AbulaitiAbudurexiti, and the former vice Chairman of CPPCC Wang Wenyuan jointly presented the awards.

The achievement of Yan Ping for the innovative reform in Yuchai was highly appreciated during the conference. Since took office in Yuchai in 2005, he had the goal of rebuilding another Yuchai within 3 years and introduced the core value of green development and win-win in harmony. For the past 3 years the company under his leadership made technological innovation, management innovation and systematic innovation and had enhanced the core competitiveness entirely. In 2007, it earned an income of 18.35 billion Yuan and it had a net increase of 4.1 billion Yuan than 2006. It produced and sold over 500 thousand diesel engines that set a record. For 7 years in a row, it has topped the industry with an annual average increase rate of more than 30%, creating a Yuchai miracle. At the beginning of 2008, Yan Ping introduced the business concept of excellent quality & globalized Yuchai. He required Yuchai to further improve the quality of products, explore the overseas market, and meet the goal of becoming a world renowned brand and large scale international corporation. In 2008, the company succeed the goal of rebuilding another Yuchai within 3 years by a sales revenue of 20 billion Yuan. Yuchai State IV engine served the green vehicles for Beijing Olympic Games, becoming the only home made green power provider.  The Yuchai Engineering Research Institute established in 2007 became a largest R&D institute with most sophisticated facilities and most advanced technologies. For all of those achievements Yan Ping received the award of 2008 China Business Innovation Person .

Author: Li Chunmei

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