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The 2nd Session of 14th Worker Representative Conference of Yuchai
In February 17-18, the second session of Yuchai 14 th worker representative conference lasted for 2 days at Nanjiang Hall in Yulin City. 864 worker representatives and 12 nonvoting delegates from all the companies of Yuchai Group attended the session to exercise their own democratic power and to jointly discuss the important issues concerning the prospect of Yuchai. The leaders of the Group, Wang Jianming, Zhou Zhenqiu, Li Tiansheng, Liu Weike, Liang Ping, Liu Biqing etc., attended the session. Zhang Jiasha, the secretary of Land and Resources Commission of Yulin City, and Lu Daodong, the vice chairman of Federation of Trade Unions, presented themselves at the session and made an address of congratulations on the success of the session.

The session was presided over by Chen Xiaomei, the chairperson of the labor union of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Rao Yingxian, the chairperson of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., and Huang Bojiang, the chairperson of Yuchai Machine Fittings Manufacturing Company. Zhou Zhenqiu, the general manager of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Li Tiansheng, the general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yang Jianjun, the president of Yuchai Marketing Co., Ltd., made the reports of the set-up group of general managers respectively, and brought forward working measures and working objectives in the new year. Feng Qihua, the chief accountant of the labor union of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., and Yang Weizhong, the chief accountant of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., made the financial budgeting and final reports respectively. In 2004, under the correct leadership of the Party Leadership Group, the personnel of Yuchai Group exerted themselves and accomplished outstanding achievements in the production and operation through extraordinary willpower and perseverance. Yuchai Group realized a sales revenue of 10.705 billion yuan and total profit payments and tax turnover of 1.068 billion yuan, earned foreign currency of 11.2 million dollars from exporting goods, and turned out 241,600 diesel engines; Yuchai Group made rapid progress in the development of new products, exporting goods and earning foreign currency, technological innovation, integration of advantages, and diversification development etc.; the Group overfulfilled the tasks regulated by the governments of the autonomous region and Yulin City. Yuchai Group turns a new page in its history.

Wang Jianming, the chairman of board, made an important speech of the joint of the medium-term objectives of Yuchai in 2005-2008. As Yuchai has realized a three-year objective, Wang Jianming brought forward the medium-term objectives of the next four years, and he also talked about the nine bright spots, five weak points and two important points. The bright spots are the objectives and hopes of Yuchai, including the bright spots that existed and those that need to develop and even those that need to be created. The bright spots are: 1) 4W; 2) 4F; 3) 6M; 4) transmission case;5) 13L diesel engine; 6) 2L high speed car diesel engine; 7) large diesel engine of above 13L; 8) marketing and materials circulation;9) merged and controlled business. The bright spots are inspiring and exciting high lights. However, chairman of board also pointed out that compared with the bright spots, there still exists five weak points including discordance in the shareholders, inadequate talents, carelessness about the details, deficiency in the skills, uncomfortable inhabited environment and low income, and he also suggested the corresponding countermeasures against every weak point. The two important points are: 1) six aspects should all be outstanding, and Yuchai must gain the championship; 2) Yuchai should forestall the competitors in the world market and gain strategic initiatives. The chairman of board requested every worker representative, every manager and every worker to shoulder their own responsibility, and carry out all personnel monitoring in order to take strict precautions, strive for two zeros and ensure the high quality of every engine, and he also requested all the personnel to exert themselves with the self-devotion and enthusiasm in work to create an evergreen and satisfactory Yuchai, to realize the objectives and to win in the competitive international diesel engine market.

The representatives perform their duties in participating in and discussing the affairs concerning Yuchai as the masters. They heard and discussed the working reports of the leading group of 2004 as well as the work thoughts and target deconstruction of 2005. The leaders of the Group and members of presidium went into every worker representative group to participate in the discussion; the representatives reached an unanimous opinion that the important speech by chairman of board, Wang Jianming, not only was farsighted, but also made a strategic planning of the direction of Yuchai in the following four years, and the inspired personnel expressed their confidence in accomplishing the future objectives. At the same time, the representatives held the opinion that the working reports by the leading group were full and accurate, which presented all the achievements, the deficiencies, the target deconstruction and the precautions. The worker representatives offered advice and opinions, which enriched the strategic guideline and objectives. After hearing the report of the discussion of every worker representative group, chairman of board, Wang Jianming, on behalf of the members of presidium and leaders of the relevant functional departments of every company, answered the questions and proposals of the worker representatives, and thus the work representative conference becomes a conference that draw upon all useful opinions.

The conference passed the working reports of the leading groups of 2004 of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yuchai Marketing Co., Ltd., passed the financial budgeting and final reports of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. The conference made a democratic appraisal of the managerial staff above the general manager level of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., and over 90% of the managerial staff was appraised as competent, which showed that most of the worker representatives were satisfied with the work of the leaders of the companies.

This successful worker representative conference is another mobilizing conference for inspiring all the Yuchai people after chairman of board, Wang Jianming, called for the general mobilization to continue the excellence in 2005 at the celebration meeting held by the Municipal Committee of CPC and the Municipal Government of Yulin City. The conference called: the battle for the success in 2005 has begun, and under the correct leadership of the Party Leadership Group of Yuchai Group, all the representatives present should lead all the personnel to carry out the spirit of the conference and hold the worker representative conferences of all levels so as to unify in the thoughts and actions to accomplish the production and sales tasks of 15 billion yuan in 2005 with unswerving and unified willpower and confidence, and strive to be the times models and strive for the revitalization of China.
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