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Liang Ping:hope the society pay more attention to the development of Yuchai

    On January 28 th, the peoples representative of the Autonomous Region and the Party committee secretary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Liang Ping (on the right), was invited to the Peoples Daily Online Guangxi media during the Guangxi Two Conferences to do an   exclusive and live interview with the chief editor Zhang Xiaoluan. (Photographed by Tan Jiangbo, reporter of the Peoples Daily Online Guangxi Media)
Key words: enterprise development, policy supportive, media support
    Host: Welcome the Party committee secretary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Corporation, Mrs Liang Ping, to the Peoples Daily Online Guangxi Window for our interview. Yuchai machine, the king of power, Yuchai machine, and the power of green, those advertisements made many Chinese people aware of the strength and quality of Yuchai. As the biggest engine production base of inernal combustion engine in China, Yuchai Group is one of the few big enterprises with over 10 billion assets in Guangxi province. Now, lets have the peoples representative of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Mrs. Liang Ping, to talk about Yuchais development in the last year.
    Liang Ping: In 2006, under the leadership of Director Yan Ping, Yuchai Group established the strategy of green development and all-win in harmony. Facing a market full of competitions, Yuchai stayed on its development strategy and management goal and had many achievements such as lowered the cost, set a new sales record, expanded the business range, and had harmonious development with the whole company. Last year, the gross sale of the Group was 14.1 billion yuan which exceeded the annual target of 13.8 billion Yuan. It was 16.2% higher than that in the same period of 2005. Yuchai paid tax of 985 million, up 39.4% from last year. 

    Host: for the past two years, the domestic engine market is facing severe competitions, but Yuchai performed extraordinary well in that kind of environment of 2005. What was the specialty of Yuchai in 2006?

    Liang Ping: Yuchai had many spotlights last year: One, the production and sales of Yuchai engine held the first place in China for the past 3 years and was number one in the world among individual factories. Two, 9 major series of diesel engines met the Nationa-3 standard; the Golden Phoenix buses with Yuchai National-3 diesel engines successfully accomplished the mission of transporting the peoples representatives during the Two Conferences in March. Three, Yuchai successfully developed the first National-4 standard diesel engine which was 5 years ahead of the national -4 standard schedule and pushed forward the overall upgrade of emission level. It established leadership of Yuchai in Chinese technology and was the first GNG gas-fuel engine that meets the National-4 emission standard in China. Four, independently developed the first small car diesel engine in China with 1.2 and 1.3 liter and the engine is smallest size in the world. The engine would be used to domestic cars this year. It filled up the blank in Chinese industry. Five, for the first time got 2 projects in advanced technology research of National 863 Project as an enterprise identity that stabled Yuchais leadership in the development of heavy vehicle engine in China. Six, invested 220 million yuan to build the heavy diesel engine assembly and testing line and invested 450 million yuan to build the light and small type diesel engine production line and greatly increased the controlling level and capacity. Seven, Yuchai Construction Machinery got 355 million yuan funding by cooperating with Amerian H&Q Asia Pacific corporation which provided strong support for the construction machinery. Eight, Yuchai was listed on the Top 500 most valuable Chinese Brands, ranking 119 th, and the number one among brands of power industry. It also ranked 338 th in the Top 500 Asian Brands, and was the only brand of power industry in that list. Nine, with the high standard and quality, Yuchai past the National Tourism Bureau testing and approved to be the national industrial tourism model. Ten, Director Yan Ping was awarded the 2006 CCTV Chinese Economic Leaders nomination. He was the first entrepreneur in Guangxi that received this honor.
    Host: With its strong competitiveness, Yuchai performed outstanding in the competitive environment and proved the name of king of power. We are proud of having such a famous enterprise in Guangxi. You asked the government and society to pay more attention to the strength and advantages of local industry during the Two Conferences in Beijing, to care more about the future of Guangxis enterprises, and appealed for more attentions from all society.
    Liang Ping: In the committee meeting, I appealed to the representatives that the government should pay more attention to the enterprises; understand their needs; and help the Guangxi enterprises to grow faster and get better. The development and achievement of Yuchai are the results of strong supports from government and society. Yuchai needs more attention and support from the government and the society to grow fast and fulfill its blueprint.
    Host: as a large-scale enterprise, what kind of supports do you need from the government of Autonomous Region and local governments?
    Liang Ping: the supports are varies according to advantages and specialties of enterprise and the market. Saving energy and reducing air pollution are big issues for Yuchai. Yuchai own the most advanced scientific technology and equipments of engine industry in China and produced the leading scientific achievement of adapting diesel in cars. Saving energy is a safety issue for our country and environment protection is for everyone living. As a state-owned enterprise, Yuchai for the sake of responsible for the society did many researches on energy saving. We hope that varies of governments of Guangxi Autonomous Region can actively contact the central government to appeal for policy support on the adapting diesel in cars. It benefits the country and the development of the enterprise. It is the same that the government of industrialized countries provide supports to enterprises in researching for the national benefit and for the environment protection.
    Host: Last year, from environment protection and constructing healthy industry, Yuchai Director Yan Ping proposed the strategic idea of green development and all win in harmony. Yuchai was defined as the spokesman of green, harmony and responsibility. Yan Ping thought that the meaning of green development and all win in harmony is to work hard to improve living condition and to build renewable economy to achieve harmony of people with social and people with natural. Yuchai has the intention to take the big social responsibility. The central government should also provide relevant policy to support the scientific research that is benefit to the society.
    Liang Ping: Last year, Yuchai finished two scientific research projects of national 863 Projects. One project was the adaptation of diesel engine in heavy vehicle. Another one is the development of CNG engine in energy saving and usage of new energy for heavy vehicle. These are the most leading edge technologies. Yuchais leading position in the development of heavy vehicle engines in China was supported by those projects strongly. Many people are still not familiar with Yuchai. Some people are doubtful about Yuchais capability. Beside our effort, we hope the provincial government can help introduce Yuchai to public in all occasions such as inviting the ministerial leaders from central government and related people from international organizations. Yuchai will take the opportunity to develop better and fast.
    Host: the media such as Peoples Daily Newspaper and Peoples Daily Online both give big support to the big enterprises in Guangxi such as Yuchai, Liuzhou Industry and Liuzhou Steel. The enterprises have their social responsibilities and so do the medias.
    Liang Ping: I want to take this opportunity to thank the Peoples Daily Newspaper and other medias for the supports. In summary, the development of Yuchai needs attention and supports from all society, It is an appeal from me, a peoples representative of the autonomous region.
    Host: An appeal from a peoples representative is real and effective. Liang Ping asked the society to care more about the development of Guangxi enterprises and to pay more attention to Yuchais development. We believe that Yuchai will become better and faster. It is the pride of Guangxi people. Thanks to representative Liang Ping for joining our program.
                                                                                           (writer: Zhang Xiaoluan)
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