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Subdivide the market and make success with Professional

Yuchai 2007 market strategy

Yuchai Machinery 2007 sales and service meeting
    Professional and service are the two key words for the plan of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd in 2007. To improve the brand value and production quality is Yuchais target in the year 2007. 
    On January 29th, the general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Li Tiansheng announced at the sales and service meeting: "our target of this year is to ensure the sales of 330,000 engines and try to sale 350,000, to get an increase of 23.4% over last year. In order to fulfill this target, we need to make improvements on product structure, technical advantages and service construction, and to win the 4 battles. "
    In 2007, Yuchai needs to seize the opportunity focus on the following 4 battles: developing battle on heavy machine market, defending battle for medium machine market, large scale battle on light machine market, and competition battle for National-3 market. The director of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Yan Ping presented this strategy for 2007 to the meeting.
    This strategy is based on the analysis and prediction of the internal combustion engine market in 2007 combing with Yuchais own advantages. Because his lead edge with technology Yuchai want to hold big share of the market especially on the National-3 engine.
    The deputy general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Wu Weiqi expressed: on the heavy machine market, Yuchai wants to reach the target of selling 20,000 pieces of 6M and 6L heavy truck diesel engines and 3000 pieces of big bus diesel engines; on the medium size machine market, Yuchai shall hold the current market share; on the light machine market, Yuchai wants to expand the market with multiple series and full configurations; and increase sales on the passenger cars, big light trucks and tractors. On the same time, Yuchai must seize the opportunity of faster growing market of the National-3 engine.
    With the growing of macro economy in 2007 in China, there are plenty of opportunities for the national combustion engine market. At the same time, more strict policy and regulations on the gas emission and limitation of engine fuel consumption were introduced that put more pressure for upgrading the technology of engines. Users will have higher requirements on the performance of products. The competition will be more severe in the industry. 

    Fuel consumption efficiency, usage, and maximum power are the most important indicators of light bus, medium truck, heavy truck, dump truck and tractor. The requirements to engines for different types of vehicles, working conditions and road conditions are different. The chief designer of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd and the director of the technical center, Zhong Yuwei introduced the strategy of special purpose vehicle which was to customize and improve the functions of the machine according to special market demands. For the main markets such as bus diesel engine and heavy truck diesel engine, Yuchai will develop the top quality machines that are comparable with the overseas famous brands in reliability, service and industrial design.

    The special purpose vehicles and top quality machines enlarge Yuchais product series. It satisfies the demands of various types and also represents the advantages on professional ability Yuchai.
Service increases value
    In 2007 Yuchai will implement 123 professional service project to improve quality of service. It is: building one customer royalty management system, stimulating core network platform and professional network platform, and standard service operation, parts and components management, and information-based quality management.
    Yan Ping emphasized: in order to implement the 123 professional service project, we will strengthen the management and control of service network; speed up the digitalization of service system; increase the level of synchronized service and part supply; advocate the concept of satisfactory service. We specially want to concentrate on the special service for heavy machine, innovation of service mode for buses, and improve the service quality.
    Service can make profit. In 2007, we will provide high quality service for our clients said Li Tiansheng.
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