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Full development in every section of the market,Yuchai will be bigger and stronger
    On March 13 th, 2007, the directors senior consultant of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Dr. Liqin, and the chief of the market department, Mr. Wang Cheng accepted an interviewed. The hard working spirit of Yuchai was impressing. After a year of big achievements, Yuchai was not sleep on the past but aims at higher goals such as improves the weak points; try to do better in every direction of the market; and build a real successful brand of internal combustion engine.
The directors senior consultant of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd, Dr. Liqin on the live show of China Buses web
Interfere with the Europe-3 market, and take an action with Europe-4 engine at a suitable time
    In 2005, When our country was still implementing the Europe-2 emission standard, the development of the 6L, 6G and 4G electric control diesel engines by Yuchai that meet Europe-3 standard put big pressure to the domination of the domestic Europe-3 engine market by American Cummins.
    In the first half of 2006, Yuchai engine was successfully introduced to the domestic bus market and made the whole country to produce Europe-3 engines. It changed the situation of Cummins Europe-3 engines domination. Yuchai Europe-3 engines in s a short time were sold over Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Macao, where strictly practiced emission standard; and became the biggest competitor with Cummins in these important markets.
    Because of the Olympic Games, Beijing may implement Europe-4 standard early. Using the opportunity, the Cummins Europe-4 engines were in the market used by Huanghai bus and Xiamen King Long bus. Yuchai, closely kept with the market, developed Europe-4 engine after the successful of Europe-3 engine. Yuchais Europe-4 engine has been used currently by Jinghua buses and will run in April or May this year after testing.   

    Yuchai adapted the technology of German Benz. Comparing with the biggest competitor Cummins, the German Benz technology is more advanced. It has been tested by the market for 3 years while the Cummins only started the research of Europe-4 engine in 2005. Dr. Liqin told the reporter. 

    Besides, Yuchai Europe-4 engine mainly used the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) resolution that is more suitable for the domestic market as the sulphur content is too high in the fuel.

    Because currently more than 50% fuel is imported, the sulphur content is 350ppm. The oil consumption and fuel sensitivity are important factors to select technical solutions. The EGR system put the developer into dilemmas of low emission or low oil consumption while the SCR solution is better with the fuel efficiency. Repeated experiments proved that there is no contradiction between lowering emission and decreasing oil consumption with the SCR system. The oil consumption is 5% lower than that of National-3 engines and the emission level is one fifth of the National-3. It means that the total emission of 5 National-4 engines equals to the emission of one National-3 engine. Regarding to the sensitivity of sulphur, SCR is the best system for post treatment of emission while the CRT (continuous regenerating trap) technology is potentially unsafe. The sulphur on hand is poisonous for the system and on the other hand the dust in the waste gas block the trap that must be cleaned often. Theoretically, its hard to meet the Europe-5 or higher standard with the CRT technology.  

Carefully manage every part of the market, and try to gain the light, medium and heavy machine markets

    The best engine for bus is the Yuchai engine (140 to 300 horse power). It is a fact proved by market. The reporter sited some user comments from the BBS: Our first choice for the bus with sleeping compartments is Yuchai engine. It has high ratio of performance and price; saves oil; and most importantly the heat radiator is good. It runs well even I drive 1800 km a day with speed of 100-110km/hour. Yuchai engine performs very well, especially the 4G170-20 and 180-20 with matured technically. Yuchai engine is good at climbing slope. It has strong power and the price is fine. Yuchai is fairly good. Shall be the best in China. It has many after sales service locations. The service is satisfactory 

    Today, Yuchai is unquestionably the leader of medium type diesel engines. Yuchai is the main choice for 6-meter to 11-meter buses, for city bus, long distance bus or tourist bus. The service is better than other domestic manufactures and is highly appraised by clients.   

    Talking about the light type and heavy type diesel engines, in the past, for many reasons such as low profit and the high of oil price, many major diesel engine enterprises did not emphasis on the light type diesel engine. Start from last year the light bus market is growing and it will be an important factor for the growth of diesel engine market. Meanwhile, with the development of big buses, there is hot demand for the big power and big displacement engines. The BRT city bus market is currently growing fast. Since the domestic technology is not matured the market is dominated by imported brand. How to catch up with the market demand and how to break the domination of overseas brands are challenges for the domestic engine manufactures.

    Facing the opportunities and challenges from diversified markets, Yuchai proposed 4 battles to gain more market in the sale and service meeting at the beginning of 2007. They are developing battle on heavy machine market, defending battle for medium machine market, large scale battle on light machine market, and competition battle for National-3 market. The sales of this year shown that the strategy of diversify is very successful. The sales of each product make phenomenal progress. Mr. Wang told us: in the first season Yuchai has sold 100,000 engines. It is almost one third of the annual target and way exceeded the expectation.  

    Dr. Liqin said: the major competitors in the light type diesel engine market are Dongfeng Chaochai and Kunming Yunnei. Yuchai YC4F series light type diesel engines have been tested by the market and were used broadly in construction machinery market. We are confident to take over the light type diesel engine market in one or two years.

    For the heavy type diesel engine Yuchais 6M engine is called a black horse in the market. It became a fast growing point for the company. Yuchai 6M engine adopted the unique combustion system technology of German FEV and the European forced cooling piston technology and were put on market in large quantity. Yuchai expects to gain a big share of the heavy type diesel engine market in 2007.

                                                                            (writer:Su Zhihui)

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