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Yuchai environment protective engine shown in the Shanghai International Bus Exhibition
    Yuchai shown several types of high grade and low emission engines in this Shanghai International Bus Exhibition. Yuchai intended to hold its leadership in the industry and increase its share in the bus engine market. In the exhibition, Yuchai Machinery broadened the commercial activities for the National-3 products and tried to gain the National-3 engine market. 
    As a manager said, Yuchai shown 8 series of products including YC6G260N-40 gas engine(G3E00700001), YC6G240-30 National unit pump diesel engine (G6000600001), YC6L280-40 National IV diesel engine (L4400600008), YC4G220-30 National common rail diesel engine (G2G00600001), YC6J270-30 National III common rail diesel engine (J6000700001), YC4F115-30 National common rail diesel engine (F5000550001), YC6M390-30 National unit pump diesel engine (M5000600001), and YC4E160-30 National common rail diesel engineE2500600001). Among that Yuchai YC6L-40 Europe-4 electric control diesel engine is a new model with independent research and development and adopted the American unit pump fuel injection system and the German electric control selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment. The new combustion system ensures high efficient and clean combustion, elaborately optimized piston. Piston ring and the friction of cylinder sleeve improve the oil consumption efficiency. The advanced post treatment system effectively disposes the emission of nitrogen oxide in the waste gas. This engine meet the Europe-4 standard emission level and is compact structure, strong power, good acceleration performance, low oil consumption (save 5% comparing with Europe-3 engines), and high reliability (warranty for 300,000 km). It is the ideal power for the new generation of luxury bus and city bus. The YC6M diesel engine is a new model cooperatively developed by Yuchai and Europe AVL company. Its the new generation of 24-valves diesel engine with mature technology, more powerful, more reliable, more efficiency with oil consumption, less noisy, and better for environment protection. It is the real upgraded power of heavy duty diesel engine.
    Yuchai revealed many advantages of its products during this exhibition: Yuchai was the first to produce the 10 liter 24-valves heavy duty diesel engine in China. The advantages of the machine are central-set injector, more balanced atomization, more sufficient combustion, exhaust areas for intake and exhaust of air, better efficiency with intake and exhaust of air, more economical with oil consumption and more environment protective. According to different conditions, Yuchai optimized the machines performance, reduced the mechanical loss by over 15%, and the pump air loss is even smaller. The use of the 24-valves technology increased the efficiency of air intake and exhaust, and increased the intake air volume. The Bosch pump is very powerful and has the best atomization quality; low inertia small bore center P type injector matches more reasonably with the combustion chamber; the mix is more balanced, and the combustion is more thorough. The Honeywell GT series new generation high efficient supercharger has broader high efficient area and faster responding. The flexible design of piston ring may effectively reduce the lubricant consumption. The ratio of lubricant and fuel is less than 0.1% and under normal driving condition no need to add lubricant in 10,000 km. The fuel consumption is 10 to 15% lower than other domestic engines of the equivalent power. The displacement reaches 10 liters. The maximum torque is 1650N.m and the power is sufficient. The injection system can bear 220bar explosive power and the high tenacity design makes the engine more reliable. By implementing the development procedure of German FEV company, the designed lifetime is based on 800,000km. The durability test was performed for 25000 hours on the testing platform and for 1 million kilometers on vehicle. Yuchai has invested over 1 billion yuan to build the world advanced heavy-duty engine workshop, the assembling and testing workshop, and the new foundry workshop. These workshops used the modern   equipments imported from Germany and the United Kingdom. The manufacturing has been kept the same level with the industrial countries. The modern equipments and quality control ensure the high product quality.
    Yuchai has acquired certification from both German TUV and China National Environment Protection Bureau. The products meet Europe-2 and Europe-3 standard and have the potentiality to be upgraded to Europe-4. Yuchai has warranty its engines for 250,000 km or 20 month. Users can replace the whole machine in one month after purchase. Yuchai has 31 offices and 1168 service stations across the country. The service radius is less than 40 kilometers (expect for some border area). The service will be in place in 12 hours. The parts are promised to be delivered in 24 hours.  

    Through the exhibition, Yuchai intended to show its strength to the public, find new market space, improve the brand awareness in overseas market, comprehensively introduce its National-3 engines, expand the market of Europe-3 engines, master the industrial tendency, and collect the market information. By cooperating with the automobile enterprises, Yuchai commit itself to the improvement of bus engine performance.

                                                                                                                   (writer: Wanglan)

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