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Major national media focus on Yuchai

November 2 was a special day for Yuchai. More than 80 reporters and journalist from national and local media came to Yuchai and focused their attention and cameras on Yuchai to get a close understanding of the well-known dynamic town. They included Peoples Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, the Guangming Daily, Worker's Daily, China Youth Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China National Radio, China Radio International, the People's Network, Xinhua Network, Guangming Network , China Broadcast Network , China Daily, Outlook Weekly.

Yuchai is fully prepared for the distinguished guests

The reporters are taking pictures of the workshop

The large scale press delegation received warmly welcome from  high level manger team of Yuchai. In the early morning of Nov. 2, vehicle with reporters entered the plant. The delegation explored the China 's largest internal-combustion engine production base. On the way to the workshop, through the windows, they saw the large well-arranged workshops and clean street that show the image of a large enterprise. At the testing center----the national accredited laboratory, some reporters whispered: its much better and advanced than the lab we visited last time. When the journalist entered into the heavy duty installation and testing workshop, they took pictures of the energetic and busy scene. Some of them shouted: how clean and  modern workshop it is.

In order to accommodate the guests, the company had prepared for several days. In return, the personnel received the most valuable appreciation from the visiting guests.

The enthusiastic exchange interviews amongst media

An interesting phenomenon exchange interview came from the delegation. Most of the reporters met with each other for the first time by gathering in Yuchai, the most remarkable enterprise in the industry. They did not give up the opportunity for the exchange interview.

The Guangxi TV station, Yulin TV station, Yuchai TV Station, and other local television media took the opportunity to interview the national media reporters. The visiting reporters also made interviews with the local journalists. When it came to the famous engine brand in their hometown, the reporters of Guangxi and Yulin, without exception, all are proud of Yuchai.

And some reporters from national media, when interviewed by the local journalists, claimed that they felt the shock and impact that can not be experienced in any other places.  Yuchais success in the remote location represents a miracle. Yulin, even the whole Guangxi should be proud about it.  

the media favored the father & son employee

Covering news was the central task for the delegation. Besides the leaders of the company, reporters showed their favor to the father & son employees Lin Yinan and Lin Gangliang.

the media is interviewing the father & son of Yuchai Lin Yinan, Lin Gangliang

At the heavy-duty machine installation and testing workshop, immediately after the introduction to the father & son, Lin Yinan and Lin Gangliang were soon surrounded by the reporters. The reporters asked many questions.  All of them concentrated on their most curious one, i.e. why the father & son choose Yuchai as their career platform. Lin Yinan, an older generation employee of Yuchai, though not familiar with interviews, when he talked about Yuchai, he expressed well of his passionate feeling, and warmly signed for the tremendous transformation of Yuchai in the last few decades, especially of the last 3 years. He indicated that he and the older staff of Yuchai have witnessed the transformation of Yuchai in development and believed that Yuchai would have  a more brilliant future under the joint efforts of the whole staff. Lin Gangliang, as a son of Yuchais old staff and a new staff of Yuchai had discussion with reporters. He said that he had a deep love to Yuchai since he was a kid by the influence of his father and the environment of living in Yuchai. The love made a direct impact on his career decision. After joining Yuchai, he felt more about the extensive and dense atmosphere of Yuchai which push him to make more contributions to Yuchai. In Yuchai, a lot of the young ones of Yuchai old generation staff, took over their fathers responsibilities in Yuchai.

From the father & son, reporters got a picture of Yuchais past, present and the perspective future.

When the national media delegation left, it was certain that they would deeply bear the memorable impression of Yuchai---a company located near the remote south boarder, as well as its booming development and the internationalization vision of building a world-renowned brand and being a large scale international corporation.

Author: Zhu Xiaojie   Photographers: Ning Jing, Wen Zhenghua

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