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42 national major media visited Yuchai

Show the brilliant development of Guangxi industry

a reporter interviews the Party Secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co. , Ltd. Liang Ping

Reporters interview the vice president of the Engineering research Institute Lin Zhiqiang

On November 2, Yuchai welcomed the media delegation organized by Central Propaganda Department. The delegate included about 80 reporters from the 42 national major media from Beijing , autonomous region, other provinces and Yulin city. Vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuchai Group Li Tiansheng, Group President Li Tansheng, party secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Liang Ping, deputy  chairman of the board of directors Li Chengjie, General Secretary Guo Deming, along with other leaders welcomed the delegation and accompanied the delegation to visit the labs and workshop of Yuchai.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and showcase the huge achievements in the 30 years reform and opening up, the Central Propaganda Department organized 42 major national media for the 20 days review and coverage in Guangxi. The media included People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, the Guangming Daily, Worker's Daily, China Youth Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China National Radio, China Radio International, the People's Network, Xinhua Network, Guangming network, China Broadcast Network, International on-line, the China Daily, Outlook Weekly, etc., and famous regional mainstream media like Beijing Daily, Liberation Daily, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, as well as the local news media. Yuchai Group was listed as the key unit for the activity as a representative of the industry development of Guangxi.

The delegation mainly visited the laboratory and heavy-duty machinery installation and testing workshop. By the introduction of the vice president of the Engineering Institute Lin Zhiqiang, delegates learned  the functions and research roles of a variety of testing instruments in the noise lab. They asked  information about independent innovation, the set up of engineering research institute and work contents. When they saw  the YC4W, YC 4F diesels sedan on the assembly lines, they took a lot of pictures and asked Lin Zhiqiang the details of the engines. Yuchais reporters asked the journalist from international Online Yin Liang about his feeling. Yin said: Yuchai represents the image of Guangxis industry made huge contribution to the national industry too.    

The delegation came to the heavy-duty machinery installation and testing workshop. They were deeply impressed by the bright and spacious environment, clean and neat assembly line, and advanced automation equipment. The objects for their cameras include the busy workers, sophisticated equipment, and modern equipment and so on. The focus point of the reporters went to the representatives of Yuchais elder, middle aged and young generation staff Lin Yinan, Lin Jiejun and Lin Gangliang. Reporters circled the 3 staff for interviews.

The schedule of the visit was short but in order. Within the one and half hour, journalists obtained the useful information and materials by observing, listening and interviews. So they felt very satisfied with the arrangement of Yuchai. They found that the services were very professional and warmly.

The Builders of Yuchai" reporters interviewed the visiting journalists.

People's Daily reporter Xie Jianwei: We were very much looking forward to coming to Yuchai and the visit is fruitful for me. We had found many bright spots. The most impressive is independent innovation, which I believe is the guarantee of the continuous progress of Yuchai in the last over 50 years. I will highlight it in the report. The growth of the elder, middle aged and young generation staff is very good example. They has witnessed the path of Yuchai through generations. When asked whether he was willing to understand more about Yuchai, he showed great interests on the Yuchais corporate culture, and was intended to do further research.  

Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Lifang shared his view of Yuchai: Yuchai is a excellent national brand and is a lead in the domestic industry in terms of promotion of local employment, the development of the national brands, high-tech R & D and so on, especially the corporate culture and human resources training model.

China National Radio reporter Zhao Mingming said: Yuchai is a large scale enterprise, possess highly advanced management concepts, and has accomplished much in independent innovation. The Green development and win-win in harmony core value is very attractive.

Worker's Daily reporter Pang Huimin her theme of the report: before coming to Guangxi, the Central Propaganda Department had brought forward the theme of the new rise of Guangxi by growth of industry. The development of Yuchai is well reflected in the theme. So, we will keep the content of Yuchai in an appropriate proportion.

China Radio International reporter Wei Yu told emotionly:from the visit and interview, I believe the 57 years progress of Yuchai represents the 50 years growth and changes of Guangxi. Yuchai is a very representative example!

A number of reporters told that the visit and interview were very successful. They would let the outside know what they had witnessed in Yuchai, particularly the achievement in independent innovation.                                                                                                   

Author: Ning Jing

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