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Yuchai passed the reexamination of national quality prize 3 years after winning it
Reexamination certificate of the national quality prize
The certificate of "national advanced enterprise in the implementation of excellent performance model"
On Nov. 6, the National Quality Prize Examination Committee announced that 7 enterprises, including Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. pass the reexamination of National Quality Prize 3 years after winning the prize. In the meantime, the Yuchai Machinery was awarded the honor of "2008 national advanced enterprise in the implementation of excellent performance model". It's the 4 th time that the company wins this honor.  It makes Yuchai as  the leader in management.
As the highest award in business management for Chinese enterprises, the awards have been given to 62 enterprises across the country up to 2008. As early as 2002, Yuchai Machinery started to work for the requirement by implementing the excellent  performance model and  promoting  the management innovation. In 2005, at the first application for the award, the company successfully received  the award with a unanimous vote. Yuchai was the only enterprise that had got such a result to confirm its outstanding management ability in domestic manufacturing industry.
Since the first time to receive the award, the company keeps carrying out the < the guideline for excellent performance evaluation>, to ensure the accomplishment of the long term strategic goals of "11 th five-year plan" and put a solid foundation for the long term objectives by annual strategic performance evaluation and strategic adjustment. From 2005 to 2007, its core business income increased to over 9.8 billion Yuan from 6.08 billion. A series of key performance indicators ranked top in the industry. Among them the sales of multiple-cylinder diesel engine kept the first in domestic market for  consecutive 7 years.  It  fully met the goal of the first 2 year of the "11 th five-year plan".   
In order to meet the changes of the domestic and international environment, and achieve the harmonious development between sustainable business development and the protection of environment, in 2006, following the general strategic plan of Yuchai Group, the Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd raised the core value of "green development and win-win in harmony", along with the corporate vision of "building a world-renowned brand, large-scale international group". It tries to make the corporate culture be innovative and mature.
After winning the prize, Yuchai Machinery continues making innovations, improvements and enhancing the competitiveness. It reflected in the following areas: 1. being customers' satisfaction oriented, implementing the customer satisfaction management throughout the entire process; 2. pushing forward the quality control pre-management and increasing the brand value by extractive projects; 3. creating an excellent R&D team to improve the innovation capability; 4. pumping  in more investment to the infrastructure to upgrade the overall level of equipment; 5. publicizing the green development theme and actively fulfilling the social responsibility.  
By the constant improvements, Yuchai continuously narrows down the gap with the international advanced level. Its reliability indicator rose to 800 thousand/km in 2007 from 600 thousand/km in 2005. Its emission of harmful particles dropped to 0.015PM in 2007 from 0.03PM in 2005. It  gets more and more close to the international level.
According to the reexamination, the National Quality Prize Examination Committee notes that Yuchai still kept carrying out the < the guideline for excellent performance evaluation> after receiving the award to make innovation in terms of management, technology, product and service. It gained remarkable achievements to maintain the leader status and strengths. Related strategies were faithfully carried out. The strategic objectives were almost achieved or achieved ahead of schedule. Strategies were timely adjusted in response to the macro-economy situation and self demand as well as to tackle the new opportunity and challenge. All the related units strengthened their social responsibility and made notable progress in fulfilling the public responsibility, honesty and integrity moral guidelines, as well as sponsoring the charity. Some units were committed to the development of sustainable economy and gained remarkable accomplishment in energy saving, composite utilization of resources and environment protection.
The Committee adds that the outstanding management characteristics of Yuchai, such as excellent team management, remarkable order system, and unique technology marketing model are of great significance for other domestic enterprises to study and use as reference.
Author: Tang Ning
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