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Focus on the international marketsSpeed up the internationalization progress

CCP Secretary Liang Ping conducted investigations in overseas office branches  

Secretary Liang Ping (2nd from the right) and Thailand Office director Li Changlin (1st from the right) and other officers

Excellent quality and Yuchai globalization strategy made the rapid development of Yuchais overseas markets and huge export volume. Yuchai engine is sold to 150 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America , etc. Yuchai has 9 regional offices and business representative offices and more than 100 distributors around the world. Recently, the Party secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Liang Ping, along with leaders from Quality Department, Procurement Department and Production Department, visited the Thailand and Malaysia offices to conduct research on overseas market.  

Secretary Liang Ping listened to the reports from Thailand office director Li Changlin and Malaysia office director Liang Bing and told them the requirements of the company on the overseas markets. She carefully inspected the working environment of the offices, asked the living condition of the overseas personnel, and showed her sincere care to their daily life.

Thailand is a country with rich culture. Its main industries include agriculture, tourism and mining. Regard to transportation, one out of every three Thais has a car. However, Thailand has no auto manufacture industry. Most of their cars are imported from Japan , or assembled by auto parts imported from Japan . Li Changlin, the director of Yuchai Thailand office said: Thailand pays considerable attention to the air quality and environment protection because Thailand is famous for tourism. Its tourism returns accounts for a big share in the national economy. As a result, the government strongly supports the green, environment friendly vehicles and cuts the CNG engine import tariffs to zero. In Thailand , the diesel costs>40 baht/liter and the CNG costs 8.5 baht/KG. They are at a very cheap level. The refitting of CNG is in great demand. Currently, Thailand has a total of about 4.3 million trucks. For a 5% refit rate, an amount of over 200 thousand needs to be refit. Its a large potential market. At present, Yuchai focuses on the refitting diesel auto into natural gas cars and fully shows the quality service of Yuchai in aboard.

The Thailand office is in charge of offices of 4 countries. They are Malaysia , Indonesia , the Philippines , and Singapore . The office director Liang Bing said: Yuchai sells 450 thousand sets in Malaysia annually, 450 thousand sets in Indonesia , and 130 thousand sets in Philippines , totally more than 1 million. There is no local engine producer. All engines have to be imported. If the marine, power generating and industrial use engines are taken into account, the vast demand gap in the market needs to be filled up. Yuchai engine has a low share in the above 3 countries, so we need to work hard to develop the significant market, produce more localized products and increase product models to increase the occupation in the market.

During the research, Liang Ping gave the expectation to the office personnel and leaders of some departments. She required that all staff of Yuchai should take their own responsibilities to satisfy customers since the quality is the assurance of Yuchais competitiveness in global competition. The internationalization strategy of Yuchai is to develop in depth and broadness. The key to internationalization is Southeast Asia . These two markets are very important and their future is very bright. The staff has to take the opportunity to actively explore the market and make good services. Liang Ping added that the company paid great attention to the business of overseas offices. Yuchai had sent more new staff to the office to show Yuchais support for these offices. She hoped that the staff could overcome the difficulties at work and living, grow overseas market, hand over their experience to the new staff, guide them and allow them to adjust to the living and working as soon as possible.

Yuchai is trying to expand the export to an annual increasing rate of 10%-20% over the upcoming 2 -3 years and to achieve an increase of 30% within 5 years and achieve the internationalization of Yuchai brand. Therefore, the Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. speeds up the step to internationalization, and makes some changes to the system and mechanism. The sales company has started simulating operation in overseas business department which is due to put into independent operation next year.

Author: Binger        photographer: Ye Bin

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