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Yuchai 6M four-valve gas engine powers Shanxi Jincheng "Blue Sky Project"

On November 22, Dong Feng Special Vehicle Ltd. held the LNG heavy-duty tow truck delivery ceremony in Jincheng City of Shanxi Province . The delivery means that the city has the new carrier to fulfill the "Blue Sky Project". The deputy general manager of Dong Feng Special Vehicle Ltd. Li Baocai, deputy general manager of Yuchai Sales Co., Ltd Liang Guangkun respectively made brief introductions to the performance of the whole vehicle, the capacity of the engine and service guarantee.

In order to enter the Shanxi market, Yuchai technicians had conducted multiple researches in Jincheng city of Shanxi and organized trainings for maintenance personnel of the service office prior to the products entered into Shanxi . In addition, Yuchai had released specific parts of YC 6M gas engine in the city.

The designed  heavy-duty truck to be used in Jincheng is relative long life (as many as over 400 km ). It was equipped with YC 6M four-valve gas engine and is suitable for short distance and trans-provincial transportation. Currently, the announcement of Dong Feng Special Vehicle Ltd. shows that the Yuchai YC 6M is mainly used for tow truck and dumpcart.

Aiming to improve the urban environment quality, since 2003, Jincheng city has vigorously carried out the Blue Sky & Clear Water Project. The promotion  of clean fuel is one of the major moves of the "Blue Sky Project". Yuchai always puts great attention to the R & D and promotes  energy-saving, emission reduction engines. It has years experience in gas engine manufacturing. Its gas engine has operated for years in Guangzhou urban transit system and Hainan Province . The entry of Yuchai YC 6M into Jincheng will further enhance air quality of the city and speed up the implementation of the "Blue Sky Project".

Author: Zhu Tingdong

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