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Using the national heritage Weiqi(Go Chess) to show the charm of Yuchai

Yuchai successfully hosted the 19th round of 2008 Chinese Weiqi League Tournament

The 19th round 2008 Jinli Cell phone Cup Chinese Weiqi League Tournament, hosted by Yuchai Group, was held in Yuchai Group on Dec. 4th. In the event, Guangxi Huanglan Team played against the visiting Chongqing Dancare Team. It was the first time of Yuchai Group and Guangxi Yulin City to hold the top level Weiqi game. On the same day, other 10 teams also fought in fierce competitions in other cities across China in the 19th round competition.

The match site  

The game was held at the sightseeing hall on the 28th floor of the Dongli Tower . After intensive competition the traditional strong team Chongqing Dencare defeated Guangxi Hualan Team by 3:1.  

The ex-chairman of China Weiqi Association, ex-president of China Chess Institute Chen Zude 9 Dan, deputy general director of Guangxi Sports Bureau Chen Hantang, executive vice mayor of Yulin Dai Yi, as well as other leader and distinguished guests, accompanied by chairman of Board of Yuchai Yan Ping, vice chairman Li Tiansheng, President of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Gu Tangsheng, attended the event.

Chinese Weiqi league tournament was founded in 1999. It is the largest and highest level chess league tournament in China . The 2008 Chinese Weiqi League Tournament was started on March 20 in Beijing . For the 1st time, it set up 4 individual awards titles with the sponsors names. They are: the most valuable chess player, top team leader, best new player and best chain winner. The 12 teams for this years tournament include: China Mobile Shanghai Team, Guizhou Bailing Team, Xinxing Real-estate Team, Shandong China Network Team, Yunnan Shangri-La Team, Beijing Dabao Team, Wuhan Huanghelong Team, Chongqing Dancare Team, Guangxi Hualan Team, Beijing Haiding Cuiwei Team, Hebei Jinhuanganggou Team, and Sichuan Jiaozi Team.

During the 18th round, Chongqing Dancare beat Sichuan Jiaozi Team and maintained an absolute top place in the ranking of the tournament to  get closer to the champion. The total points of the previous 18 matches, Guangxi Hualan Team ranked at the low position11th place. So the following 4 rounds carry more weight to Guangxi Hualan Team as they are trying  to stay in the league. Members of Guangxi Hualan team are very young, varied from 24 to the youngest 14 years old. Despite of the huge difference in strength between the young team and Chongqing Dancare team, the result was not discouraged. They had the test of the competition. In particular, one  young player Liao Xingwen of Liuzhou city of Guangxi , who had beaten twice the world champion Luo Xuanhe, became a dark horse in the contest. In the 19th round, he defeated another strong well-known rival Gu Li, which surprised everyone.

To host and sponsor the 19th round of 2008 Chinese Weiqi League Tournament came in line with the core value of Yuchai Green development and win-win in harmony. The integration of these two elements will not only boost the progress of the Chinese national treasure Weiqi, but also further foster and boost the corporate culture of Yuchai Group. It will promote the soft strength of corporate culture. In the meantime, the successful conclusion of the game tested the capability of Yuchai to hold  high level games.

Yan Ping (1st from the left) accepts the chessboard from Chen Zude (2nd from the left)

Yan Ping, leaders of the company and Weiqi players take a group photo

Weiqi is one of popular games among Yuchai staff. Yuchai has its own associationYuchai Chess and Card Association. Chairman Yan Ping is a Weiqi Lover. In his office, the most notable items are a chessboard and Weiqi. He loves playing chess manual by himself. Furthermore, he loves playing Weiqi online with a record of more than 10 thousand games that he played on internet. For  Weiqi and business, he has a unique view. He believes that playing Weiqi and framing corporate strategy have something in common. He is a fan of the South Korean player Li Changhao and Japanese player Takemiya Masaki. Li Changhao focuses on detailshis play always ends by one or two steps that probably the one or two steps determines the winning or loss. Takemiya focuses on the overall situation. His forward looking enlightens the corporate strategy making. Chen Zude 9 Dan presented a chessboard, along with the amateur 4 Dan certificate issued by China Chess Institute to Yan Ping.         

On-site Explanation

Chen Zude offers guidance to Weiqi lovers

The game held by Yuchai gave a main opportunity to Weiqi lovers of Yuchai staff, Yulin even Guangxi, to witness the state level players in competition and received guidance from them. In the meeting room on the 3rd floor of Dongli Tower , the veteran Chen Zude 9 Dan, Liu Xiaoguang 9 Dan instructed Weiqi lovers. Liu and Guangxi team leader Zhou Jiening (amateur 4 Dan) made explanation on the quick chess matches.  

The competition drew the attention of media. The China Central Television, Weiqi world, Xinhua News Agency branch in Guangxi, the Guangxi Daily, South China Morning Post, Modern Life Daily, the Nanning Daily, Nanning Evening News, Yulin Television, Yulin Daily, Yulin Evening News and other media came to cover the game.

Author: Tang Ning            photographers: Tang Ning, Huang Zhiyong

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