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Yan Ping:one of the "Top 60 Economic Figures for China's 30-year Reform and Opening up"

On Nov. 29, the Review of China s 30-year Reform and Opening up & Future Outlook Forum was  held in Beijing . Yan Ping, chairman of Board of Yuchai, was selected as one of Top 60 Economic Figures for China s 30-year Reform and Opening up. Vice chairman of the National People's Congress Chen Changzhi, vice chairman of CPPCC AbulaitiAbudurexiti, vice chairman of the 9th NPPCC Hu Qili attended the opening ceremony. In the award winning ceremony held in the evening of Nov. 30, the vice chairman of the National People's Congress Chen Changzhi, vice-chairman of CPPCC Li Jinhua and Li Wuwei as the distinguished guests to present the awards to the winners.  

After the preliminary selection and ballots by experts of the selection committee in Oct., Yan Ping became the sole winner for the entire internal-combustion engine industry and for Guangxi from the 120 candidates who have offered marvelous contribution to the China s 30 years Reform and Opening up.

The forum was attended by leaders of state ministries and commissions, including deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission Peng Sen, deputy director of Central Party History Research Center Zhang Baijia, standing committee member of CPPCC Hu Deping, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center Lu Zhongyuan, chairperson of the Central SOEs Board of Supervisors of SASAC Wu Tianlin and Yan Kewen, Party Committee member of Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang Jingan and others.  

The key agenda of the forum  is the China s 30-year Reform and Opening up Forum & Public Appraisal. The sizeable, high level activity was officially held from the middle of April this year and lasted for over 200 days.  It reviewed  the great transformation and tremendous accomplishment that has been made in economy, society and rural construction over the past 30 years. It included a series of forums and commemoration seminars. At the end of Nov., it selected outstanding figures, top figures in the economy, society and rural construction, outstanding units, innovation cases, as well as milestones for the 30 years reform and opening up. The forum and public appraisal were intensively echoed in society, business and media, and earned extensive support and attention from the public.

Author: Ning Jing

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