R&D Strength


We are a national high-tech enterprise with tremendous R & D strength, have established R & D bases in Nanning and Yulin, have a national corporate technical center, a state-accredited laboratory, a postdoctoral workstation and a corporate academician & expert workstation, and are the only support entity of the national engineering laboratory of internal combustion engines and the Guangxi Engineering Institute of Diesel Engines. Our corporate technical center is ranked 20th among the 887 state-accredited corporate technical centers and 1st in the engine industry. We have established a dozen domestic and overseas product and technology R & D centers in association with renowned domestic and overseas universities and institutions like Brunel University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tianjin University and RWTH Aachen University.


As a core department under the R & D center and our test base for new product development and upgrading, the laboratory is in charge of machinery bench test, parts test, emission test, NVH test, vehicle test and other special tests. Founded in 1995, the laboratory has two bases in Yulin and Nanning, with a total area of some 223 mu and a total fixed assets investment of 1.05 billion yuan. With over 80 test benches, it is the world's largest engine laboratory. The laboratory consists of a special test room, a noise test room, a cold start test room, a general test room, a parts test room, the assembly & disassembly analysis room, a warehouse and a test office building. Now the laboratory has 246 staff members, including some 120 engineering technologists (8 doctors and over 40 masters) as well as 126 test technicians, disassembly technicians and equipment maintenance technicians.


The test zone is divided into nine sections: first general test section, second general test section, special test section, 4W test section, parts test section, first heavy machinery test section, second heavy machinery test section, gas engine test section and Nanning base.


For years, we have forged strategic cooperation agreements with international technical and service suppliers such as Bosch, Caterpillar and Wartsila, have created strong R & D platforms centering on independent R & D technologies and geared to world cutting-edge technologies, have undertaken ten 863 projects including the technical development of heavy-duty diesel engines for commercial vehicles, the development of CNG engines for large buses, the development of diesel engines for cars and the development of heavy-duty diesel engines for commercial vehicles, co-formulated 55 national and industrial standards, and have taken the lead in China to mass-manufacture and launch diesel engines up to National III, IV and V emission standards. In 2011, we developed the country’s first Euro VI diesel engine, keeping pace with advanced world standards.


We own over 1,500 authorized patents, including many patents for invention which have filled domestic technical gaps and yielded immeasurable economic and social benefits after being applied. Our projects of Key Technology and Industrialization of Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Engines and Key Technology of All-condition High Turbocharging of Internal Combustion Engine and Its Engineering Application won the second national prize for progress in science and technology in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

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