Special Service

I. Headquarters of Customer Service Center
With an area of 42 mu and a floor area of 12,000 square meters, the Customer Service Center integrates the functions of office, training and technical analysis.

II. Featured Services
With over 3,000 service stations, Yuchai has formed a professional service network based on core stations, supported by professional stations, supplemented by other service stations and covering a wide range of fields, thereby providing fast, sincere and satisfactory services. Over 1,200 electronic control service stations and 60 mobile electronic control service engineers work on guidance, follow-up, coordination and maintenance, and give trainings to customers so as to ensure the smoothness of local electronic control services.

III. Service Culture
Service Aim: Do everything I can to serve you sincerely
Logo Slogan: Yuchai Service, Sincere and Fast
Service Concept:
Machinery in your hands, service in my heart
Fulfill whatever promised, do everything well
Service stations are machinery manufacturers' roots, distributors' comrades and end users' close friends
Serve actively, sincerely and satisfactorily every time.
Service Guidelines:
System of service first: Service first regardless of responsibility
System of responsibility for first inquiry: Whoever accepts a case is responsible for it
System of responsibility for maintenance: Whoever serves follows up the case
Service Brand: "Fast and Sincere" Yuchai Service
Brand Slogan:
My Fast and Sincere Service for You
Fast and Sincere Yuchai Service for You

IV. Service Commitments
Service hotline: Available in 24 hours at headquarters and local offices and service stations
Response time: Arrive in 12 hours.
In-station service: Arrange service in 1 hour and duly report the arrangement to the customer.
Outward service: Send service staff in 1 hour upon receipt of the customer's service call and duly report the arrangement to the customer; arrive in 3 hours inside the city, in 6 hours within a radius of less than 200 kilometers and in 12 hours within a radius of more than 200 kilometers (remote areas excluded).
Duration: Not more than three hours for insured service, not more than 8 hours for general failure and not more than 72 hours for serious failure.
Service follow-up: Pay a return visit in three days.
Technical support: Provide visiting technical trainings and counseling to major customers

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