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Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation

The Guiping Agriculture-PV Complementary Power Station Project is constructed and operated by Yuchai. It is the first large agriculture-PV complementary tracking power station project in South China, and is expected to generate more than 70,000 MWh clean energy per year, equivalent to save about 21,000 tons of standard coal per year.

By establishing the industrial development mode of "agricultural farming + clean energy + leisure tourism + poverty alleviation project", the PV project of Yuchai can improve the utilization efficiency of the idle land under the centralized PV power station equipment and drive the agricultural poverty alleviation. By increasing the income of local peasant households through land leasing, benefit-sharing compensation and employment promoted by agriculture industrialization, the project is expected to drive the per capita income of people registered as living in poverty in the three poor villages around to increase by more than CNY 5,000.