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Training System of Yuchai University

Yuchai University has been put into operation since June 2018. Built based on goal of modernization and intelligence, the teaching base covers an area of 3,500 m2 and has a floor area of about 4,500 m2. It has 46 training sites (including training classrooms, computer rooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms, reading rooms, lecture halls, practical training rooms), which can accommodate more than 1,000 people at the same time. The college has 12 master studios for maintenance electrician, internal combustion engine assembling and testing, rapid manufacturing technology and female employees' innovation, including 1 national-level master studio, 6 autonomous region-level ones and 5 enterprise-level ones. Moreover, it also owns 5 practical training bases for assembling, casting, customer service, test run and electrical maintenance.

Yuchai's faculty team consists of internal and external lecturers. Internal lecturers are mainly managers at all levels and technical experts, and external lecturers are mainly university lecturers, professional lecturers and experts. Yuchai adopts various means to gather the best global talent sources (including suppliers, partners, strategic allies and overseas resources), with the aim to establish a high-quality faculty team for talent cultivation.

Training System
Training Camp under Sailing Plan
The six-month training is mainly carried out for new employees hired through campus recruitment, with the aim to help them know about Yuchai quickly, experience Yuchai culture, and improve and strengthen their basic abilities and quality through systematic training. The training is mainly carried out in the form of on-the-spot teaching, experiential learning, subject-based research and job rotation.
Training Camp under Voyage Plan
The one-year training is mainly carried out for outstanding graduates who have graduated from school for 1-3 years. With the objective of "strengthening self-management and effectively promoting team collaboration", the training covers company culture, self-management, professional quality and business management, and is carried out in the form of on-the-spot and network teaching, experiential learning, subject-based research, themed salon and team development.
Training Camp under Pilot Plan
The comprehensive training system is established by Yuchai Group in the face of internationalization challenges and the new opportunity of putting Yuchai Group under the management of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the aim to improve the management capability and professional level of leaders at all levels in a hierarchical and systematic manner. Taking the "four new requirements for leaders" as the guideline, and with the goal of cultivating a team of highly competent, courageous and innovative leaders with high political awareness and an international perspective, the leadership training is carried out for management leaders in different levels in terms of company culture, self-leadership, business management and organizational development, with the aim to improve the construction of talent team and thus serve Yuchai with high-level talents.
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