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Yuchai's Various Engines Pass Non-road China IV Type Approval

        Recently, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. and National Motor Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Chongqing) have completed non-road China IV emission type approval on Yuchai's main non-road models YCA05-T48 and YCA05-T40 and YCA08-T40, respectively. This marks that Yuchai has currently become the only Chinese engine manufacturer that has passed both non-road China IV SCR and EGR type approval, and also the company that owns the largest number of models passing non-road China IV type approval.

       Yuchai has always pursued green development and led the industry in emission upgrade with technological innovation. In October 2018, Yuchai released 10 non-road China IV diesel engines, making full preparation for the upgrade to non-road China IV emission standard. In December 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment officially released the non-road China IV emission regulations. Yuchai immediately started the declaration of the non-road China IV emission announcement. Yuchai has focused its Stage IV engines for non-road machinery on higher quality and more precise control, with the aim to meet the requirements of emission reduction, quality upgrade and extreme environmental adaptability while further reducing later maintenance, thus meeting users' requirements for higher serviceability of machinery.

        Yuchai has always adhered to customer focus, strived for excellence in its products, continued to create value for customers, and repeatedly set new all-time highs in both sales and market shares. Yuchai has always ranked the first place in the industry in terms of market shares in the segments including engines for wheat harvesters, corn harvesters, peanut harvesters, tractors above 80 HP, wheel excavators, air compressors and drillers.

        In January 2021, Yuchai's sales of non-road engines increased by 250.4% year-on-year, hitting a record high in monthly sales. To be specific, the sales of engines for construction machinery increased by 186.2% year-on-year and the sales of engines for agricultural equipment by 277.2% year-on-year, both setting a record.

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