Special Purpose Vehicle

Self-loading garbage truck

Features & Benefits

Since the loading and unloading garbage truck has compact overall structure design is reasonable; Loading and unloading garbage automation; Efficiency is high, the box body adopts the lightweight design, large capacity, good sealing performance; Safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other obvious advantages. Since the loading and unloading mechanization of garbage truck can automatically load and unload garbage, realizing the sealed garbage transport, effectively prevent the pollution of garbage for people and the environment, increasing the efficiency of cars, is a kind of safe, energy saving, environmental protection, efficient new sanitation vehicle.

Techincal Specifications

Items Unit Main Specifications
Truck model    NZ5110ZZZ NZ5120ZZZ NZ5070ZZZ
Chassis model    EQ11110GLJ DFL1120B1 HFC1071KT
Engine Model   YC4E160-30 YC6J180-33 YC4F115-30
Overall dimensions           mm 7350X2470X2730 6700×2470×2900 5700×2200×2600
Weight kg 11495 12490 7450
Rated load kg 4500 6700 3025
Container capacity m3 11 11 6.2
Maximum lift angle ° ≥50 ≥50 ≥50
Box lifting time s ≤45 ≤45 ≤40
Boxes fall time s ≤45 ≤45 ≤40
Hydraullc prated Mpa 16 16 16
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