Special Purpose Vehicle

Sewage suction truck

Features & Benefits

Suction sewage truck, that a domestic advanced powerful vacuum pump is applied to, is specially designed to pump, load and transport, and offloading siltation, such as mud, silt, carpolite, and broken bricks from the sewers. It’s designated that the sanitation truck collects, and transfers sludge and sewage, to avoid 2nd pollution.
The function of self-priming and self-offloading helps the truck work quickly. Meanwhile this function and the container with a large volume make  the transportation more convenient.



Techincal Specifications

Items Unit Main Specifications
Truck model    NZ5120GXW
Chassis model    DFL1120B1
Overall dimensions           mm 7100X2430X3200
Engine Model   YC6J180-33
Engine power kw 96
Rated load kg 6000
Maximum total mass kg 12490
Curb weight kg 6295
Container capacity 7
Max.speed Kw/h 90
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