Special Purpose Vehicle

Swinging-boom compression Garbage truck

Features & Benefits

Series of swinging-boom garbage truck is not only able to load and offload loose material automatically, but also load and offload containers automatically. It's widely used by the civil environmental and sanitary departments, building parties factories etc to realize transportation and loading and unloading mechanization. The container is able to be separate with chassis, so one truck works circularly with more than one container and promote the truck's work efficiency. This series is especially suitable for civil environmental and sanitary departments to handle the garbage and work expense is quite low.

Techincal Specifications

Items Unit Main Specifications
Truck model   NZ5101ZBS NZ5092ZBS
Chassis model   EQ1102FLJ5 EQ1092F3GJ2
Overall dimensions mm 7030X2460X3320 7030X2460X3320
Weight kg 9950 9465
Curb Weight kg 5600 5600
Rated load kg 4155 3670
Chassis manufacturer   DongFengAutomobile Co., Ltd
Boom Max.swinging angle ° ≥125
Bucket capacity 4.8、6
With lid no lid
Max.Lifting weight kg 7000
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